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Clinicminds supports the registration of a large variety of treatments provided by private clinics.

Aesthetic Clinics

Surgical Clinics

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Streamline your operations

Our customizable Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system can record all the treatments you perform, from injectables treatments to complex surgeries.

Easy & compliant EMR

Our highly customizable Electronic Health Record (EHR) system can register all kinds of treatments you perform, from injectables to surgeries. Define your own workflows and choose which procedures must be followed and what information must be registered, enabling your practitioners to work efficiently, consistently, and compliant.

Effortless scheduling

Our color-coded calendar makes it easy to schedule appointments and get a clear view of your agenda, even if your clinic has many practitioners or different locations. And thanks to our included online scheduler, you can take appointments 24/7 without any manual work.

The complete package

Clinicminds offers the complete workflow, from scheduling appointments to registering records and taking payments. It includes features like stock management, financial administration, marketing, and advanced analytics — everything you need to run your clinic, combined in one system!

Available in multiple languages

English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and Hungarian.


Quinn - AI assistant

Work smarter, more productive and safe as ever with our AI assistant.

Smart notes with AI

The personal AI assistant built into Clinicminds! Utilizing advanced AI, we aim to enhance your productivity. AI voice dictation enables swift entry of information into your EMR through spoken notes. This ensures faster work and maintains comprehensive, compliant records. Watch demo.

Online payments

Charge deposits or full treatments seamlessly with scheduled appointments. Deposits could be used for example for no-show fees. Truly automated deposits that work in tandem with your calendar and online bookings.

Stripe payment service provider

We partnered with Stripe, a leading international payment service provider, and integrated their services to support online payments. Stripe supports many local payment methods, has strongly optimized workflows for better usability, and makes custom branding of the payment windows possible. Companies like Uber, Amazon, Google and Spotify are using the Stipe infrastructure.

Digital wallet

Each patient has a personal wallet containing deposits and prepayments. Using the wallet balance when invoicing a treatment is as simple as a click on a button.

Reducing no-shows

It’s never been easier to charge patients a no-show fee with online payments. Setup the deposit amount for your services and let Clinicminds and Stripe do the work for you. Do you offer consultations free of charge? Then you can refund the no-show fee as fast as you charged it.

Less last-minute cancellations

Last-minute cancellations are less likely to happen when patients paid a deposit for their appointment or even paid the full treatment ahead. Therefore online deposits will increase your clinic’s conversion rates.

Prepay time-consuming treatments

Some treatments just consume a lot of your time. Scheduling these appointments is always a risk of losing time and money because some patients do not show up or cancel their appointments last minute. With online prepayments, you can keep offering online scheduling for these kinds of treatments by charging the full treatment ahead.

Video Appointments

Fully integrated into your EMR system. We've eliminated all the hassle of regular video conferencing software.

One-click video meetings

Video appointments are seamlessly integrated into the workflow. Schedule them from your calendar, or allow patients to book them online. We eliminated the hassle of regular video conferencing tools. A link to join the video appointment is automatically included in the confirmation e-mail and SMS. And to ensure patients don’t forget, we even send a reminder a few minutes before the appointment starts.

Consultations: any time, any place

Video consultations lower the threshold for interested people to get a consultation. Instead of having to book an appointment and visiting your place, they can simply have a video meeting from their own home.

Reduce time spent on reviews

Do you need to check up with patients sometime after their treatment? Instead of scheduling a whole new appointment, just have a video inspection. More efficient for your patients, and yourself!

Grow your clinic

Running your clinic efficiently has never been easier. We provide advanced analytics and tools to help your clinic grow faster than ever before.

Work more efficiently than ever

With a growing number of smart features, running your clinic efficiently has never been easier. Increase return sales with reminders for repeating treatments like injectables, save time by letting patients submit their medical history from home or your waiting room and reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders.

Take the next step with insightful data

With all your data registered digitally, it would be a waste not to use it. Clinicminds offers advanced analytics to help you grow faster than ever before. Optimize your clientele and activities to become the kind of clinic you want to be, using the most robust aesthetic clinic software in Australia.

Even more powerful with integrations

Nobody likes to manually copy data from one system to the other. We offer integrations with software like MailChimp and Zapier, allowing you to advance your marketing strategy and automate tasks between Clinicminds and other software you use.

You can count on us

Reliable, secure & GDPR / HIPAA / PIPEDA compliant. Our secure cloud infrastructure enables you to use Clinicminds from any device. Security and compliance are of utmost importance to us, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Reliable, secure & GDPR / HIPAA / PIPEDA compliant

Our secure cloud infrastructure enables you to use Clinicminds from any device. Security and compliance are of utmost importance to us, so you can use Clinicminds with peace of mind. We strive to comply with all local Australian regulations and are GDPR / HIPAA / PIPEDA compliant.

Always improving and ready to help

Clinicminds is an always-improving Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that regularly gains new features. With input from hundreds of clinics around the world, we constantly improve our service for all our users. We rank among the most sophisticated and feature-rich clinic management software in Australia. And if you have any questions or feedback, we are just one click away using our in-app chat system.

Industry-wide expertise

We draw experience from experts within the medical aesthetic industry, gathering feedback from medical advisors, clinics large and small, as well as consultants, teachers, and associations. We develop our system with an eye for local and future legislation to help you run your clinic effectively.

Integrated Quality Management System

Looking to streamline your clinic’s operations and manage your protocols and documents with ease? Clinicminds offers a Quality Management System (QMS) that makes it simple and efficient to keep your protocols organized and secure.

Your QMS always available

With Clinicminds QMS, you won’t need to use external applications. Your QMS protocols and documents will be available for your staff within Clinicminds. Documents can be read directly in the browser, without having to install software or download files first. And since it’s integrated in Clinicminds, you don’t need to invite your staff to an external application.

Quickly set up with your existing documents

Our QMS allows you to upload PDF, Word, and JPEG files. Documents can be organized in folders to keep them structured and easy to find back. Using drag-and-drop, you can upload your existing files (including the folder structure) from your computer in one easy action. This way, setting up your QMS only takes a few minutes!

Control access & remain compliant

Clinicminds QMS contains advanced features tailor-made for managing your QMS protocols and documents. If you store sensitive information, you can limit access to specific documents or folders to selected people. With (yearly) revision reminders, you won’t forget about revising your documents periodically, so you remain compliant. And the system automatically keeps old, time-stamped revisions of your documents.

Easy clinic software free download

There are no more excuses. Switch from paper to digital, or give your outdated software the place in history it deserves! Clinicminds will guide you through the process. Still having doubts? Take the test!

Take the test now!
H. Dobbie - Face & Body clinic (Scotland) "Your medical questions pre-populating with historic answers that can be adjusted - is brilliant. That easily saves at least 5-10 minutes each consultation. That's the difference between an injectable treatment taking 20 minutes compared to 30 minutes. And that's a difference of between 199 to 320 pounds extra income an hour. Nothing to sneeze at."
Elizabeth de Jong - Velvet Clinics (NL): “The Clinicminds application includes everything we need to manage our clinic properly. It offers our physician the perfect solution in all areas, especially for documenting and evaluating with the client. Clinic personnel is able to invoice and schedule appointments flawlessly. Last but not least, because everything is digital we’re practically a paperless clinic.”
Joney de Souza - Aesthetic Clinic (UK): “After trying a number of different systems in the market, I can say I found the perfect solution for my clinic with Clinicminds. They cover all the steps of our clients’ journey, from booking, sending text reminders, appointment confirmations, consultations to payments. Plus I’m able to easily access all patients’ data from anywhere, at any time. It’s also comforting to know that no personal patient data is ever recorded on my device, as it goes straight into a Cloud storage service. I would highly recommend Clinicminds anytime.”
Kelly Slawinski - Tinkable (UK): “I would definitely recommend this product. It’s a great tool to have. It looks professional and does the job well. It's great to be able to carry a device around, with an app that can do so much, and not have to rely on paperwork. Everything is compact and in one place.”
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