The dashboard view shows all your appointments for the current day. For a week view use the specialized calendar. You can also view all the appointments scheduled with every one of your registered users. It is also possible to categorize by treatment category.

Yes, it’s possible to mark a patient as ‘arrived’. It will show a chair at the patient’s record meaning the patient is in the waiting room. This way a practitioner will always know when to go and welcome the patient.

Yes, in the section favorites and recently viewed clients. You can mark patients you want to follow up on as a favorite. This makes it very easy to do a follow up on these patients and records.

Yes, you can through different ways. First, you can click on the patient record when an appointment is scheduled with this patient. Secondly, you can search your patient record by using the search bar.

By using the search bar at the top of the dashboard. You can search on almost every parameter, e.g. family name, first name, date of birth, phone number, email address, social security number, etc.

Yes, as long as a record is not closed, you can still edit some information in this record. For example, you can edit the case history, treatment information, photos, drawings, notes, etc. To find these records that need more attention and still need to be closed, you can check the incomplete records tab in the dashboard. The Un-invoiced records section shows open or closed records, but they are still not invoiced either way. Your assistant can use this feature to find the record of the client that has to pay.

Yes, click on the “new patient” icon on the right upper corner of the dashboard.

Yes, notes are reminders you want to save for yourself or someone else in your clinic and can be shared.

Yes, by clicking the calendar button, you will immediately enter the calendar view, which provides a day view or week view of all calendars and appointments.

Yes, you’re able to toggle between different locations on the desktop.

Yes, you can open the product sales window immediately from the dashboard.

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Yes, our calendar provides a quick and effective way to book appointments with existing and new patients. These will be registered in the patient record and shown on the dashboard and calendar on the appropriate day and time. All working hours are editable for each practitioner per location.

Yes! We offer a free, state of the art, and completely integrated, online scheduling tool which you can implement on your website.  Our online booking widget uses machine learning to offer your patients appointments slots as efficiently as possible.

Website visitors can schedule their own appointments. This will increase conversions, unburden your diary service, and cut costs.

Our online scheduling tool is different than many online schedulers out there. We built a scheduling tool that works fast for your customers, verifies your customer, and does not require creating usernames and passwords. Fast, effective, and a great user experience.

Yes, we support online payment for deposits and no-show fees for manual scheduled appointments (by phone, email, or at the clinic) as well as online scheduled appointments. You can even charge a complete treatment upfront!

Yes, we offer payment options during the online booking process. You can set your own rules and amount. We partnered with Stripe to provide your patients with a seamless process. Use this feature to charge deposits, no-show fees, or even complete treatments.

Yes, it does! You can automatically assign a room or specific equipment to an online booking of a treatment (service). This way you will never encounter a situation where a piece of equipment is not available for your patient or a specific room is not available.

Yes, you can! You can add a deep-link button to a specific webpage which will automatically lead to the specific treatment showing in your online booking tool.

For example, if you add this deep link booking button to your webpage describing a Botulinum Toxin treatment and a viewer clicks this button it will lead him directly to this treatment in the online booking tool.

Yes, you can create URLs to the scheduler directing to a specific practitioner. If your practitioners want to promote themselves through their own network, or if you want to offer bookings for a specific practitioner from your marketing, this is possible with these custom URLs. This also works with our short readable URLs. Get nice-looking URLs like https://book-now.at/your-clinic/dr-john.

Yes, you can change the practitioner when approving an online booking, if the patient didn’t specify a preferred practitioner. This way, you can control the assignment of online bookings when it works better for you.

Yes, while reviewing individual online bookings you can require an online pre-payment for a booking when necessary. For example, if the patient has shown multiple cancellations or no-shows. The online booking will be pending until the payment has been received.

Yes, they can! All appointment confirmations contain a reschedule / cancellation button which leads customers to an online page to perform this. This will reflect automatically in your calendar. Of course, an email message will be sent to notify the clinic.

Yes, you are free to decide which services to show in your online schedule. It’s even possible to decide which appointment types (consultation, treatment, inspection or after-treatment) to show for different services.

Yes, that is possible and even in combination with appointment types.

Yes, that is possible. It’s possible to set it up per service, appointment type and location.

Yes! When you set up the scheduling tool to allow visitors to choose their preferred physician, clients will be able to select a physician during the online booking process.

Yes, you can! We support three modes for online bookings approval:

  1. Manual
  2. Hybrid
  3. Automatic

In hybrid mode, no approval is necessary when the data of the online booking matches a client in your database.

In automatic mode, full matching and approval are done by the app.

Yes, and it’s super easy! For single practitioners or small clinics, this feature will increase the number of appointments and will keep overhead costs within limits.

Yes, that is possible. The app supports scheduling of only rooms, equipment or even both in case your equipment is mobile.

The nice thing is that it’s also possible to make sure certain rooms or pieces of equipment are reserved when bookings occur online! The widget will take availability into account.

Yes, if you wish you can set up bookable video consultations. It’s possible to set up video consultations for different services and even only for certain practitioners.

The complete process will be automatically arranged for your patient as well as for the practitioner. It’s not necessary to install widgets, plugins, etc. The secured video consultation is browser-based, meaning it’s accessible from a smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Yes, that is possible. Each new patient will receive a conformation facilitating them to securely answer the medical history and current medical state questions. The answers will be stored in the patient file.

Yes, your dashboard shows the appointments of today, patients that will visit your clinic. Clicking the calendar button will show a day view and weekview. Apart from this, in every patients file you can see a list of appointments from the past and the future.

Yes, it’s possible to automatically send practitioners a summary of their next day schedule by e-mail at 20:00 hours.

Yes, the system supports appointment confirmations via email and SMS texts. The nice part is that you don’t have to do any manual actions for this ! The system does it automatically for you !

The application will automatically send email and SMS text appointment reminders before the appointment. The nice thing is it’s all automatically. You don’t have to do anything for this. It saves a substantial amount of no show’s and work!

Absolutely! The app will automatically send confirmations and reminders (according to your settings) following an online booking. The nice thing is that this will take place automatically without the need to perform any actions. Just approve the booking and the rest will follow.

Yes! You can define how many hours before the appointment the e-mail reminder should be sent and separately the SMS reminder. For example, you can automatically send the e-mail reminder 48 hours before the appointment and the SMS reminder 24 hours before. This will reduce the chances of no-shows.

Yes, you can edit this at any time. After e.g. editing the appointment time or date, it’s possible to inform the patient automatically. The patient will receive an email, SMS text or even both stating that the appointment has been changed. The system will send a reminder before the actual appointment should take place.

Yes, you can specify different items for an appointment like the appointment type (consultation, treatment, inspection, etc.), the treating physician, time/date, duration, and notes. It’s also possible to add the exact treatment to the appointment details.

Yes, you can edit the templates as you wish. There are templates available for confirmations, cancellations, reminders and rescheduling of appointments.

Yes, whenever an appointment has been cancelled, this event is marked up in the appointment list in the patient file. This creates an clear view of the appointment history. Appointment cancellation is registered “on time” or “too late” or “by clinic”.

Yes, whenever a patient doesn’t show up for his/her appointment, this event is marked up in the appointment list inside the patient record. This creates clear view of the appointment history which allows you te respond accordingly the next time this patient contacts the clinic.

Yes, that is possible. This feature is convenient to have better control over the daily schedule of a physician. Instead of phone calls in between patients, physicians now have sufficient time for their call and patients know when to expect it.

Yes, you can set-up a daily update of your upcoming appointments and schedule of the next day. This will be sent by e-mail to the selected physicians.

Yes! It’s possible to schedule Video consultation or Video inspection in the calendar, actually the same way as scheduling treatments, etc. But the cool thing is that this can also be scheduled online, 24 hours a day, hassle free.

Yes, although we always advise not to mess up your schedule, sometimes it’s inevitable and you just need to book 2 patients at the same time.

Yes, you’re able to send consent forms with appointment confirmation completely automatically. This feature also works with online booked appointments.

Yes! This feature is for example very convenient for scheduling small adn large surgery. Just schedule the tentative appointment, confirming a patient the surgery date. Once you’ve shuffled the appointments for that specific date, and you’re ready to inform your patients of the surgery time, just confirm and everything is handled automatically by the application.

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Patient overview

Yes, Clinicminds is specifically designed to create patient records, containing personal information, appointment information, and all treatment records.


Yes, you can add all common personal information of your patient like Name, date of birth, address, phone numbers, email, GP name, pharmacy, social security number, etc.

Yes you can. You can shoot a profile picture directly or assign a profile photo after shooting the photo’s just before a treatment.

Yes, by using the ‘Treatment history’ feature you get an instant quickview of the past treatments as registered in the system. This feature allows the consulting physician to quickly learn about the patient and his/her treatments.

The treatment records, contain all the treatments the specific patient received in your clinic. Every treatment creates a record. Also inspections and / or after-treatments create a record in this list.  This provides an informative overview of all records and treatments regarding this patient. Every record in the list describes the categorie to which the treatment belongs, as well as the treatment date.

Yes, in the section of the patient’s personal information you can choose to register an attention or a warning. An attention means that a practitioner needs to be aware of specific information regarding the patient. This will be presented as a yellow bar and is immediately (very) visible when opening the patient’s file. A warning is used to present critical information in red color regarding the patient.

Yes, each treatment record containing photos will show an icon.

Yes, each treatment record containing prescription(s) will show a prescription icon.

Yes, by using the copy/paste button in the patient overview window you will copy the basic patientl information. Paste this in every document or email you wish.

Yes, the patient overview page tracks all future and past appointments as well as all cancelled appointments or no shows.

Yes, you’re able to block the contact information of patients for certain users. Clinics working with freelance physicians sometimes prefer to block this information.

It’s possible to merge two patient records and determine which information to keep.

Yes, you can register which ID card has been checked, and this will get logged and marked very clearly. This saves time as the Front desk staff will not have to check if this process has been performed before.

Yes, a complete ID check is available which is logged in the system for reference if needed.

Yes, if a patient visits your clinic on their birthday, the patient file clearly shows a birthday label. Never forget to congratulate your patient.

Yes, this is possible in the patient details. In some cases, there’s a good reason not to schedule new appointments for certain patients. After marking a patient as ‘not welcome’ a clear label and warning will show.

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It is possible to register any treatment you like which will probably mean treatments in an outpatient surrounding. You could think about the following treatments: inectables like Botulinum Toxin and Hyaluronic Acids (fillers), laser / IPL treatments, small  surgery, chemical peels, skin therapie, etc.

Yes, you can register the full consultation, starting with the question of the patient, relevant physical examination, conclusion , diagnosis and dynamic discussion points. These points are editable and can be set as optional or required.

Yes, when starting a new record you will follow a path where the starting point is always the case history and then the medical history. All the questions regarding patient medical history are customizable and linked to categories. This means no extra work. Just link a question to multiple categories and you’ll always see the appropriate question(s) during this path. The list supports different types of question types like yes/no, checkboxes, dropdown lists, free texts and radio buttons.

Yes and it is actually a very useful feature. Through a secured environment the patient can complement his/her personal information and answer the questions about the medical history.

Absolutely! The app supports questions and answers as yes/no questions, drop-down menu, checkboxes and radio buttons.

Absolutely! The application has a perfect solution for consent forms. Consent forms are fully customizable and easy to create. Just check the consent forms you need during the treatment and your patient will be able to sign it digitally. This is very nifty and cool on an iPad but also possible on a PC/Mac.

Yes, the form will be directly sent via email in PDF format.

Yes, you can use AirPrint on an iPad or every attached printer on a PC/Mac.

Yes, just click on the treatment you are performing and if this treatment consist in use of materials click the amount. The price of the treatment will be calculated accordingly. It is also possible to register the LOT numbers of the materials or implants used.

Yes, when setting up treatments in your account you are able to choose a treatment with the use of material (and its specifications) or without the use of materials. For example, when you setup a treatment using an injectable, you can set up an amount, product name and price for this treatment. But if you setup a treatment not related to materials used, e.g. small surgery, you are able to specify this.

Yes, up to 12 photos before treatment and 12 immediately after treatment. The nice thing is that you can also use your iPad for that. There are two possibilities:

  1. Shoot directly with your iPad and the photo will be uploaded directly into the patient’s record.
  2. Use an external camera and upload the pictures at the end of the day to the patient’s file. To make this very easy just use the reference button to shoot the patient’s personal data before or with the patient’s pictures.

You can also register photos during a review appointment.

Yes and it’s very simple. The app will then perform this automatically.

Yes, just click on the ‘drawing’ button revealing the available templates. When using an iPad you can draw like you are used to on paper using multiple colors. When using a PC/Mac you can draw or type amounts.

Yes, the app contains multiple ready to use drawing templates.

Yes you can register the LOT number directly before or during the treatment. It is possible to make this registration optional or required.

Yes, you can export them to a CSV/Excel file to perform every search you need to.

Yes, during a review you are able to mark an issue as a complication. This will be included in a list of complications that can be exported to a CSV file.

Yes, in fact it is very simple to export all the data regarding a registered complication to meet with regulations. The exported list will contain all necessary information (e.g. name, date of birth, treatment date, materials used, LOT numbers etc.) to make sure you will be able to track these patients if needed.

Yes, you are able to prescribe as many prescriptions needed during a consultation or treatment or even after you already closed the treatment. You’re able to create pre-defined prescriptions and also add pharmacies you frequently work with.

Yes, you’re able to register the ASA classification before every treatment. You’re also able to export these registrations for reporting purposes.

Yes, you’re able to compose a treatment plan mentioning the suggested products or procedures as well as drawings created for explanation. You’re able to send this to your customer as a PDF document with a click of a button.

Yes, you’re able to setup treatment packages which you can use for selling and registering consecutive treatments. Think e.g. about a packages of 4 laser treatments or a packages of 3 Botulinum Toxin treatments etc. Do you sell treatments composed of different materials in one session? Then packages are the ideal tool for this.

Yes, we developed an advanced photo comparison tool which allows you to compare photos and if needed to download or immediately send the comparison to your patient.

Yes, you’re able to register the three steps of this international checklist. These steps are the ‘sign-in’, ‘time-out’ and ‘sign-out’.

Yes, you can create and assign diagnoses for every treatment category. During the case history, you can choose the applicable diagnosis.

Yes, it’s no hassle anymore to register follow up phone calls in an organized way.

Did you receive a question via email and need to add it to your patient file? No problem, just copy the text, create a new messages record and paste the text inside.

Yes, you can. You are also able to set certain documents as a default for sending after a treatment. If you don’t, you have full control.

Yes, Clinicminds contains a great tool to easily compare before- and after photos. This comparison can be printed, saved and also e-mailed directly to your client. This comparison image will contain the clinic logo below which is a great tool for marketing as well (social media, website, etc.)

Yes, if you want to compare specific areas of a before- and after photo, you can zoom in on both photos individually. You can send the zoomed version to your client by e-mail.

Yes, Clincminds supports the Time-out procedures required for (small) surgical procedures.

Yes, You’re able to add and register every diagnosis you need during consultations and treatments. It’s also optional to add the needed ICD codes. All registered diagnoses are available through export for analysis.

Yes, this feature is available and is optional to use, according to the wishes or requirements. This means that the patient and physician will need to sign the consent forms, which are presented before treatment.

Yes, we support the use of headers and drag and drop of questions. This way it’s possible to group questions in the correct way, making the questionnaires more clear.

During treatments, there is a clear registration of LOT numbers, expiration dates, and the soon to come UDI codes. This registration could be set up as optional or required. This registration can be used to perform a recall when necessary.

Yes, next to complication registration we support the registration of side effects, related to the used product during treatment. Also, this registration can be exported for analysis and review. Do you want to investigate if a certain product causes more side effects than other products? Then this feature is the perfect solution.

Yes, because Clinicminds support the registration of LOT-numbers, expiration dates, and the soon to come UDI number, you can export this data in a clear report, which you can use to start a Recall procedure.

Yes, we support a clear registration of complications (next to side effects registration). Regulation requires clinics to be able to have a clear view of all registered complications. That’s why Clinicminds offers a fast and simple export feature of all registered complications.

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Invoicing and administration

Yes and it’s unbelievably simple. After finishing your treatment and continuing to the payment tab, you will see a summary of the treatment and costs. If everything is correct, just click on the pay button and choose the payment method. After payment is confirmed, the application will automatically create an invoice as PDF which you can send to your patient via email with just one click.


Yes, you can! You’re able to use volume pricing or use the feature to sell treatments as packages, for example, 1 zone of Botox for 200, 2 zones for 350, 3 zones 4 for 495.

Yes, for extended privacy reasons you can send an invoice without the patient personal details printed on the invoice.

Yes, just use AirPrint on an iPad or any printer attached to your PC/Mac.

Yes, when setting up the payment you can choose an additional product. This will be automatically calculated. It is also possible to register product sales without registering a treatment.

Yes, you are able to credit complete invoices as well as part of an invoice.
It’s also possible to credit invoices for product sales.

Yes, as privacy is very important to us, it is possible not to send the invoice to the patient’s email. The invoice will be registered in the application and revenues will, of course, be calculated.

Yes! You’re able to create and register credit invoices. You have the freedom to credit complete amounts or perform partly credits.

Yes, during payment you can register a discount for an individual treatment or the total amount. You can choose a specific amount or a percentage. Don’t worry about calculating because the system will do this for you. You can approve or disapprove this feature using user rights.

Yes, you’re able to compose a quote and immediately send this as a PDF document to your customer. You’re able to schedule and send an automatic reminder as well.

Yes, and it’s straightforward and simple. Just make sure the physician marks the treatment as a medical treatment by selecting the applicable check box.

Yes, you’re able to keep track of materials used during your treatments, e.g., Botulinum Toxin or a dermal filler. But also the stock of individual product sales like e.g., lotions and cremes. Does the clinic have multiple locations? No problem! Stock is available per location as well.

Yes, this text will print on every invoice created. Some clinics will use it to print the clinic’s insurance company code. Others will add a particular message to the invoice.

Yes, like with the invoices it’s possible to add a default text to quotes.

Yes, you can actually delete all the information of a patient but it’s also possible, per explicit request by the patient, to delete all the medical info and archive the administrative documents like invoices and

Yes, you can let patients pay a deposit using the online scheduler, or for appointments planned from the calendar (in the clinic or on the phone). Payments are handled by Stripe, which supports many international and local payment methods (like credit card and iDEAL). Paid deposits are stored in the patient’s wallet. During the payment, you are able to select the payment method “wallet” which will apply the deposit towards the invoice payment.

Yes. You can refund a deposit to a patient from their wallet if they haven’t spent the money yet. You can even set the system to optionally or automatically offer a refund when a patient cancels their appointment online if they paid a deposit for that appointment.

Yes, use your own beautiful printed Gift Cards and let Clinicminds generate and keep track of the Gift Card’s unique code. Redeeming a Gift Card is simple, fast, and safe!

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Account and billing

To register for Clinicminds, please contact us by using our contact form. We will provide you with a registration form to signup. After registering you can start using Clinicminds, either on a PC or on an iPad. To use the App on a PC (Windows/Mac) start your browser and visit app.clinicminds.com. Remember you can always create a shortcut on your Desktop. To use the Clinicminds App on your iPad, download it first from the App Store.

Clinicminds is a subscription based application, billed monthly to your credit card.

When subscribing to Clinicminds, you get billed for the number of users (persons) in your Clinicminds account that can be scheduled for appointments or register treatments. In other words, you only get billed for the number of users that are schedulable for appointments with patients and/or perform (register) treatments (note: register treatment is user permission that can be set in the user-role tab in Clinicminds). All other staff, e.g. assistant(s), operators, accountants, etc. can use Clinicminds for free.

Yes, you can edit this yourself within the app.

That all depends on where you are situated! For EU customers with a VAT number: enter your VAT number in the clinic data tab. Once your number has been verified, VAT will not be applied to the subscription price. Don’t forget to enter your VAT number, otherwise VAT will be applied to the subscription price. All customers without a valid VAT number, VAT (value-added tax) will be applied to the subscription in the following EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. For customers in the Netherlands 21% VAT will always be applied to the subscription price. Outside the EU: VAT will not be applied to the subscription price.

No we do not charge any sign up fees and there are no hidden costs while using the application.

Of course we are doing everything to keep our users satisfied and we are working constantly to improve our product. If you unfortunately choose to stop using Clinicminds, choose the billing tab from the menu and choose to stop your subscription. The billing will stop at the end of the current month. Remember that acces to your account will also be prohibited.

Yes you can set your own username and password. Be aware of the fact that you need manager rights to change this information.

Yes! Because many clinics lack one resource in particular, time, Clinicminds offers a setup service to save you that precious time.
We offer a setup service up to a maximum of 3 hours. The price for this service is 375 euro (excl.vat and excluding implementing the online booking widget on your own website). During these 3 hours we will add as much relevant information to your account as possible, so you will be able to start using Clinicminds as quickly and smoothly as possible. Keep in mind that you will need to have an active subscription to use this service.

Before adding your information we will send you a form, requesting information about your treatments, forms, medical questions etc. We need this information before we can begin to set up your account. Collecting this information will take you some time. We will need to receive all your information upfront and digitally.

Why do we need your information? Because every clinic works a bit different, offers different treatments or services and have their own specific consent forms and medical history questions. We are not allowed to provide you these because of ethical and legal reasons.

It’s possible to register pre-payments in Clinicminds. All outstanding payments can be easily found and handled to complete.

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Data and Security

Clinicminds is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR and PIPEDA. We comply specifically with the HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security Rule.

Yes! You can secure your account login by activating two-factor-authentication with Google Authenticator.

As a clinic manager or owner, you can require all users to activate two-factor-authentication for their account.

As Clinicminds is a cloud-based solution, all data will be stored automatically on secured servers. Clinicminds uses servers of Amazon Web Services (AWS). All the data is backuped daily on a different server which is physically based in a different place. All stored data is encrypted.

No, any data you input to the system is stored in the cloud. No data is stored on the iPad or computer. When using the iPad to take any photos the Camera Roll on the iPad is disabled and photos are sent directly to the cloud storage.

No, that is not necessary as we backup your data for you! So don’t worry anymore about losing your data.

Data are encrypted using 2048-bit SSL connections during transmission, and stored on highly secured servers. In addition, all data are back-upped multiple times per day to different physical locations and is encrypted.

Yes, they are secured by SSL certificates and encrypted.

No, mobile phone numbers are pseudonymized in the SMS text logs for privacy reasons.This way Clinicminds complies with the GDPR regulation.

All the data stored within the Clinicminds application is owned by the clinic. If you decide to terminate your subscription and stop using Clinicminds, our support team will be able to export data as a CSV file and PDFs.

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Clinic Settings

Yes, you can upload your logo to the application. This logo will be used on all generated documents from the application.

Yes, your clinic logo is added to the automatically sent emails.

Yes, you can register all the information about your clinic which is important to print on invoices.

Yes, you can register multiple locations. This information will used in the appointment conformation emails and SMS texts, reminders etc.

Yes you are able to set your own payment prompt, counting in days.

Yes, if you have the managers rights you are able to add or remove users. You will also provide the user with a username. The password will be sent to the new user by secured email.

Yes, by going into the user-right section you can set and define the desired and needed user rights for a specific user. Whenever a user is entitled to register a treatment (that means registering the treatment tab), it counts as a practitioner.

Yes, you are able to generate a new password for a user, which will be sent to this user by email.

Yes, whenever the system administrator resets a password the user will be required to choose a new password.

Yes, you can add every abbreviation you need e.g. VAT, GST, BTW etc.

Yes, by uploading an excel file according to a certain template. This way you can fill your Clinicminds database very fast with your patient personal details.

Yes, if you wish we can set up your account for you. We can add the necessary settings, treatment categories, treatments, questions, consent forms etc. We will ask you to deliver the content to us and we will perform all the work after that. Clinicminds is not allowed to generate the content because of liability reasons.

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Reporting and Finance

Yes, by choosing the revenue monitor in the menu you will be presented with a quick view of the day, week, month, quarter and yearly revenue.

Yes, you can export the daily revenue as a CSV file, which is compatible with excel, numbers and most accounting software. A daily revenue export shows multiple fields, e.g. date of treatment, patients data, physician, location, total amount, payment method, materials used, etc.

Yes, you can export this as a CSV file ready for importing into accounting-software, printing or sending if necessary!

Yes, you can export this as a single PDF file, containing all the invoices of the specified period. This file is ready for convenient printing. Make sure you have sufficient paper in your printer and just hit the print button. You can also send the file e.g. by email.

Yes, this is available. Need to be more specific? Just use the filters to narrow the overview per physician or location.

Yes! Clinicminds has a large set of ready-to-use management reports available. These reports provide valuable insights. You’re able to export these reports immediately into excel and analyze accordingly. Think about: – Number Appointments – Number of cancellations – Number of no show’s – Patient retention – Birthday lists – Total spending – Patients by treatment etc.

Yes, you can and it’s very simple. The financial reports will show all tax amounts which makes it very simple to file tax reports. Tax amounts are shown per tax rate (when using different tax rates) in the financial report.

Yes, you can download a report of how many appointments have been scheduled directly online. This way you can learn what the impact of online scheduling is for your clinic.

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Devices and connectivity

Yes, an internet connection is necessary to use the cloud-based application. You can connect to the internet through a wired connection, WiFi or mobile.

Clinicminds is designed for apple iPad, iPhone and every PC (Windows/Mac).

Yes, that is possible. You can access Clinicminds from every place you wish to by using your iPad or computer. You do need an internet connection.

Yes, we have a mobile app for iPhone that enables you to schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments on the go. Also review your patient, photos and drawings.

Open the Appstore on your iPad and search for Clinicminds. When found, install this using the Appstore. Keep in mind you will need your username and password of the Appstore account. Installing the App is free.

On a PC/Mac you need to use a browser to open Clinicminds. We advise you to use one of the following browsers

  • (google) Chrome
  • Safari

These browsers consist better developers packs which work better with new (mobile) cloud-based applications. Keep in mind that Clinicminds will not function properly when used with Internet Explorer. We advise you to create a shortcut icon to the app with the following url: app.clinicminds.com

Whenever you need to log in to Clinicminds doubleclick the icon and it will direct you immediately to the login page.

Yes absolutely. Make sure your 3G/4G connection is active and login as usual.

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Yes, Clinicminds allows you to have a complete insight in your patient database and treatment analytics. It’s very easy to export your patient database and use this info for email marketing and analysis.

Yes, absolutely. Clinicminds introduces the automatic treatment reminders which sends a patient an automatic reminder after a set period of time. It’s a marvelous feature which proved itself already during extensive testing.

Yes, you can set the number of days after a clinic visit to send out an automated email requesting an online review on a specific website or redirecting to a survey, for example, survey monkey.

Yes, and the nice thing is that you can edit the text yourself.

Yes, you can sync your database with MailChimp and automatically add clients that signed up for your newsletter. You can choose which fields you wish to sync with MailChimp.

Yes, by using the sync with MailChimp you are able to set up automatic birthday wishes. Each customer will receive the birthday wish on his/her birthday. Use this smart feature for as great marketing tool.

Yes, we support direct integrations (Mailchimp, Stripe, Google tracking, Facebook tracking) and integrations via Zapier which helps you to connect securely to e.g. marketing automation software. Visit our integration page to learn more

We offer a cloud-based application. This software is available everywhere where you have an internet connection and a computer or mobile device. This means at the clinic, home, and every country where needed. Clinicminds is currently available in multiple languages and is already active in 15 different countries across the globe. The languages we presently offer support for include English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, and Hungarian.

Yes, you can track the customer journey and conversions in the scheduler via Google Analytics / Google Ads / Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel.

Yes, design your own beautiful printed Gift Cards. Clinicminds will generate and track the Gift Card’s unique code. Promote your Gift Cards in your clinic or online!

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Video Appointments

Yes! It’s possible to schedule Video consultation or Video inspection in the calendar, actually the same way as scheduling treatments, etc. But the cool thing is that this can also be scheduled online, 24 hours a day, hassle-free.

Yes! Currently, when performing this call on a laptop/desktop you’re able to use the Picture-in-Picture mode and work in the patient record at the same time. This will be available on iOS as well.

Yes, video consultations, as well as video reviews, can be booked online like all other online bookings.

No, once the video consultation is booked, all the relevant information is sent automatically to the patient, including the video connect link.

No additional installations of software are necessary to start a video consultation. It is as simple as clicking the video link in the appointment confirmation email and start the call.

A video consultation could be scheduled by the assistant at the front desk, the practitioner but also online, using the online scheduling tool.

All confirmations, reminders, connection link, and information about the consultation is sent automatically to the patient, which saves a lot of time and effort.

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Quality Assurance

Clinicminds QMS provides a range of features to enhance compliance and communication within your clinic. These include drag-and-drop document uploading, periodic revision reminders, and user access restrictions. By utilizing these features, you can streamline compliance processes and foster better communication with your staff. Additionally, QMS eliminates the need for external applications, providing a comprehensive solution for your clinic’s needs.

Yes, our application provides a comprehensive feature that allows users to track and register complications related to patient treatments.

Clinicminds includes a feature allowing users to register and track side effects associated with treatments, similar to how complications are tracked.

Yes, we offer the flexibility to add or edit the list of side effects or complications, allowing users to tailor these lists to their needs.

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