Why Clinicminds

  • Software developed by aesthetic physicians

  • Medical records, scheduling, marketing, analytics and many more features

  • Personal human support included

  • GPDR, HIPAA & PEPIDA compliant

“I made the switch to Clinicminds and cannot fault the platform. In particular, zero crashes or glitches, a really user-friendly FAQ help option, which usually answers my questions, but more importantly (and all credit to them in this day and age) a very responsive and reliable chat option and even email if help is needed. Excellent customer care. The updates are always useful, and when I've had suggestions to make (rarely), to my surprise, my wishes have been granted. For me this platform does everything I need and without fault, which helps me operate more efficiently and more professionally.”
Emma Davies - Horrington Clinic Photo of Emma Davies - Horrington Clinic
“Your medical questions pre-populating with historic answers that can be adjusted - is brilliant. That easily saves at least 5-10 minutes each consultation. That's the difference between an injectable treatment taking 20 minutes compared to 30 minutes. pre-populating with historic answers that can be adjusted - is brilliant. That easily saves at least 5-10 minutes each consultation. That's the difference between an injectable treatment taking 20 minutes compared to 30 minutes.”
Dr. Victoria Dobbie Photo of Dr. Victoria Dobbie
“I was a little concerned about buying this product because I thought that making it work for my clinic would be too complex and not worth the additional costs. Within days the entire staff knew how to operate Clinicminds and even though it took a few more days to appreciate all its benefits, we were all able to use it immediately for scheduling, record keeping and accounts management. The Clinicminds support team are the best. Their response time to queries is phenomenal.”
Maire Rhatigan - Orchard Cosmetic (UK) Photo of Maire Rhatigan - Orchard Cosmetic (UK)
“Thanks to the electronic patient file application of Clinicminds my record keeping, and therefore my practice, are now optimized. It feels great knowing that everything is well documented and will be easy to review at any time, including the financial administration at the end of the year.”
W. Kamphof - Skinject Photo of W. Kamphof - Skinject


We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions to Clinicminds. You get billed for the number of clinic locations and the number of persons (users) in your Clinicminds account that can be scheduled for appointments or register treatments. All other staff, like assistants, front desk staff and bookkeepers, can use Clinicminds for free. We offer a 10% discount on yearly subscriptions.

Yes, we can import your historical data from other systems into Clinicminds. Basic patient data can be imported free of charge. Importing historical records, attachments or appointments requires custom work. Get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities and costs.

No, we do not charge any additional costs for setup or migration. Complete onboarding and support during the setup of your Clinicminds account is included with your subscription.

Your monthly or yearly subscription to Clinicminds covers the use of most of our features. We charge extra usage-based fees for sending SMS messages to your patients and receiving online payments. Furthermore, our new QMS feature will require an additional subscriptiona

We’re happy to tell you more about our software and its features during a live demo. After the demo, you can get a free trial period of Clinicminds and find out if our software suits your clinic. Schedule a demo to learn more about Clinicminds.

Clinicminds is a cloud-based solution, so your data gets stored on secured servers. Our infrastructure is set up redundantly and we make automated backups, so your data remains safe. Clinicminds is compliant with GDPR, HIPAA and PIPEDA. All data that you store in Clinicminds, remains yours. If you decide to terminate your subscription, you can request a full export of your data, free of charge.

Part of your Clinicminds subscription is our extensive support. Our support team consists of product specialists that are happy to answer any question you may have. We offer remote support through our in-app chat, online meetings and screensharing sessions. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Let our numbers convince you


doctors & employees use clinicminds

3.6 million

total number of records


client satisfaction support response


average increase in appointments

Clinicminds is used in 8 languages in 15 countries

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