Challenges in the Medspa industry for 2024


In the ever-evolving world of medical aesthetics, Medspas have emerged as frontrunners in offering cutting-edge beauty and wellness treatments. However, as we step into 2024, these havens of rejuvenation face a myriad of challenges, each requiring a unique blend of innovation, expertise, and foresight. From adhering to stringent regulatory landscapes to embracing the latest technological advancements, the road ahead is exciting and demanding.

How to use Quinn Ai transcription during your daily practice


In today’s landscape of aesthetic clinics, productivity and patient engagement are paramount. AI voice transcription is a transformative tool in this regard. Imagine a scenario where, during a patient's visit, a physician swiftly types short, essential keywords, maintaining uninterrupted interaction and focus on the patient.

Introducing Quinn: Your New AI-Driven Assistant for Revolutionary Workflow


At Clinicminds, we are passionately committed to merging human-centric service and cutting-edge technology in medical aesthetics. As part of our pursuit, we are delighted to introduce you to our newest intuitive software solution member — a powerful instrument for streamlining workflows, enhancing efficiency, and improving patient care at your clinic.

Clinicminds Unveils Exciting New Features in Latest Update!


Prepare for exciting news! We are thrilled to share our latest update, which is a significant enhancement. It's like providing your clinic with a major, modern upgrade. Let's take a look at what's new and discuss why you should be very excited about these changes.

Podcast: Don’t Miss Out on This Game-Changing Conversation!


Have you ever wondered how Electronic Health Records (EHR) can revolutionize your aesthetic medicine practice? Join us for an eye-opening discussion between Cathy Christensen, President and COO of AmSpa, and Dr. Toby Makmel, Co-founder and Head Medical Advisor at Clinicminds!

Video Consultations: Lead Magnet for Aesthetic Clinics


In the fast-paced digital world, the aesthetic industry is incessantly innovating to meet the needs of a diverse client base. One significant technological innovation that has gained traction, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, is video consultations. These virtual meetings are more than just a convenient, efficient, and secure means for patients to interact with medical professionals from their homes. They have evolved into indispensable lead-generating tools for aesthetic clinics, serving as catalysts for revenue growth and patient engagement.

Boosting ROI with Clinicminds: Minimizing No-Shows


In this short explainer video, we delve into how Clinicminds can significantly enhance your return on investment by reducing patient no-shows. This issue, often overlooked, can lead to substantial revenue loss for clinics. However, with Clinicminds' innovative features such as...

Clinicminds Release 5.4: Better, Faster, Stronger


In our relentless pursuit of enhancing user experience, we're thrilled to introduce Clinicminds Release 5.4. This comprehensive update brings significant improvements to your planning, record management, patient interaction, messaging, gift card functionalities, and user interface. Dive in to discover how we've made our software better, faster, and stronger for your clinic management needs.