Updates October 2017


We added some new features and did some under the hood product enhancements after the new iOS 11 update. 

Tips for Registering New Patients


Registering new patients is a daily routine. But what vital information do you need from your patient in that initial visit and what must you know to make sure you are using that information correctly?

Four Reasons Your Clinical Practice Needs Specialist Customer Software


Whether you’re providing elective and aesthetic services, surgical procedures, laser treatments, or other private healthcare, you need specialized software to help build long term patient connections. This article describes why standard customer relationship software just won’t work for a clinical practice.

Explanation pricing Clinicminds


To make our pricing model even more clearer we created a cute little drawing :-) . As you can see you can add as many support staff members as you like without extra charge. We only charge for the amount of practitioners in your clinic.

How to use Clinic data to improve your marketing campaigns


Registering your day to day appointments, treatments and invoices generates a very valuable number of clinic data. Analyzing and using this set of data lets you cut costs on non-effective general advertisement and invest in targeted campaigns.



Developing your clinic is a time-consuming assignment. High-end treatments are the starting point of every clinic. But what else do you have to do to expand your clinic? We collected the essential systems a clinic owner or manager needs to address.

updates July 2017


We implemented important administrative features to manage your clinic