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We offer medical record (EMR) features that are specifically designed for aesthetic practices

I would like to increase my appointments by 20%.

I am thinking about performing video consultations.

Online bookings should be easy to use on patient's mobile phones.

Sending before- and after photos effortlessly is important to me.

I’m Interested in specialised software for aesthetic clinics.

I would like to send automatic treatment reminders.

Requesting medical history information before the patient’s visit is essential.

Software should be customizable.

I want to send automatic birthday wishes to my patients.

I would like to shoot before- and after photos directly into my EMR.

A paperless office concept sounds appealing to me.

Clinic Software should offer me tools and features for marketing.

I would like to be able to sign and store consents forms digitally in my EMR.

I want to have more control regarding user permissions and user roles.

Online booking should work smoothly on my website.

Treatment registration should be compliant to regulation.

Software should work on a desktop, tablet and (smart)phone.

I want to have insights into our bookings.

Prescribing (prescriptions) should be available.

Efficiency is something I would like to improve in my clinic.

Scheduling rooms, machines and staff should be available.

Online booking should work smoothly on my website.

I wish to have access to different drawing templates.

I’m searching for an unified software solution for my clinic.

Automatic security and backups is very important for me.

Bookkeeping should be effortless.

Software should be adaptable to clinic growth.

I want to automate all repetitive documents in my clinic.

I want to have realtime revenue insights on my mobile phone.

I want to be able to see my patient’s appointments in my personal calendar.

Knowing internal metrics like 'retention time' is important for our management.

Automated appointment confirmations and reminders is important for our business.

Reducing no shows through automated reminders is essential.

Keeping track of all no shows and cancellations is essential to our business.


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