Efficient invoicing

Invoice all treatments and product sales efficiently within the workflow to save time, prevent mistakes and keep the clinic paper-free. 

Get paid easily

During the payment process you can select payment methods, set discounts and e-mail invoices directly as a PDF file.

Monitor revenues

Monitor your revenues on screen on a daily, monthly and yearly basis or export several revenue reports whenever needed in real-time.

Online payments

Charge deposits (e.g. no-show fees) seamlessly with online scheduled appointments. Truly automated deposits that work in tandem with your calendar and online bookings.

Video appointments

One-click video meetings

Video appointments are seamlessly integrated into the workflow. Schedule them from your calendar, or allow patients to book them online. We eliminated the hassle of regular video conferencing tools. A link to join the video appointment is automatically included in the confirmation e-mail and SMS. And to ensure patients don’t forget, we even send a reminder a few minutes before the appointment starts.

Consultations: any time, any place

Video consultations lower the threshold for interested people to get a consultation. Instead of having to book an appointment and visiting your place, they can simply have a video meeting from their own home.

Reduce time spent on reviews

Do you need to check up with patients some time after their treatment? Instead of scheduling a whole new appointment, just have a video inspection. More efficient for your patients, and yourself!

Treatment records

Structured records

Register each consultation, treatment or review in a structured record that provides the practitioner with a clear overview of past and current treatments.

Tab-based registration

Clinicminds provides a tab-based registration of the following items:  Consultation > Physical examination > Medical history > Informed consents > Treatments > drawings > Photos > Invoices

Customisable fields

Multiple treatment record fields are customisable to the clinic’s needs. For example, consultation fields, medical history questions, informed consents, drawing templates and treatment types. 


Effective scheduling

Fast and effective scheduling based on availability and resources. Never schedule an appointment at the wrong location or with the wrong practitioner. 

Free online scheduling

Integrated free online scheduling tool and widget based on availability and resources. Unburden your diary service, increase customer experience, and schedule more appointments.

Clear overview

A colour-coded week and day overview provides a clear picture of the number of consultations, treatments or reviews scheduled for the day. You can also set your own customisable appointment time slots for each appointment type.

Automated messages

No more wasting time sending emails or SMS texts, Clinicminds comes with an automated email and SMS text system for conformations and reminders.


Any device

The Clinicminds application is designed for use on an iPad (tablet), desktop or laptop.

No software installation

It supports Windows OS, iOS and Mac OSX. No software installation is required.

Any location

You can login to Clinicminds from any location. When used with an iPad you’ll have full mobility so you can move freely around the clinic, from consultation room to the treatment room.

Schedule on the go

With the connecting iPhone app you can schedule on the go and quickly review your calendar and patient records.



Clinicminds is compliant with HIPAA & GDPR. We comply specifically with the HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security Rule.

High security standards

Clinicminds is a cloud-based solution. It complies with industry-standard security practices to safely transmit and store your patients’ data. The data is encrypted using 2048-bit SSL connections during transmission, and stored on the best and highly secured servers of Amazon web services. 

Reliable system

Clinicminds’ infrastructure is fully backed with all components mirrored at two separate locations. 

Certified servers

All servers are ISO27001 certified.