Easter 2019 improvements

Author: Jonathan Hogervorst
  • Feature

It’s almost Easter, and the bunnies are starting to jump! We are excited to announce the new features and enhancements we are introducing this Easter weekend.

Let us start with the most important new feature within the Clinicminds calendar:





Colors for treatment categories 🎨

The calendar is intended to provide you written but also visual information regarding your appointments. Starting this weekend, you will be able to set up a different color per category. These colors will give you visual information of the category regarding the scheduled appointment. Use these colors to quickly see which treatments are waiting for you this day or the next weeks.

Choose specific treatment for appointments 💉

When reviewing your calendar, especially within surgical clinics, it’s sometimes preferable to see within the calendar which specific treatment has been scheduled. That is why we made it possible to optionally select the treatment (in addition to the required treatment category) while scheduling appointments.

See details by hovering over appointments 📝

Need some more details about an appointment while reviewing your calendar? Just hover with your mouse pointer over a scheduled appointment en get more information including written notes about the appointment. Talking about time-saving!

Quote & invoice status in calendar appointments 🚦

Now scheduled appointments in the calendar show a summary of the quote & invoice status. It makes it easier to review upcoming (surgical) treatments and see if payments are registered. Open the client history from the appointment popup to see all details.


Appointment popup

Client history button in appointment popup 📋

While reviewing your day/week calendar, you sometimes want to learn more about a specific client. When clicking the appointment from within the calendar, it’s often convenient to review past treatments. Therefore we are introducing the history button in the appointment popup. Additionally, this button shows a summary of the quote & invoice status, just like appointments in the calendar.

Client photo in appointment popup 📷

Now you can see the client’s profile picture while viewing an appointment in the popup.


Client history

Quotes & invoices in client history 🧾

The client history now displays details from quotes and invoices, including a clear status indication. This makes it easy to see whether a client accepted a quote, or paid an invoice.