Why Clinicminds?

Is efficient registration and compliance important for you? Are you looking for a system that supports the complete workflow in your clinic including online bookings and video appointments? Clinicminds is available in multiple countries and languages

AI driven record keeping and compliance

Reduce time consuming record keeping with our AI assistant Quinn. With Clinicminds you can focus on what’s important: your patients. Our software is updated continuously and fulfils the highest requirements regarding regulatory compliance, privacy, and security (HIPAA, GDPR & PIPEDA compliant).

Complete workflow with online bookings

Clinicminds supports the complete workflow: From registration of treatment records to payments, as well as many more marketing and administrative features. Are you looking for Clinic scheduling software? Clinicminds helps by scheduling appointments efficiently through offering online booking with online payments as well as supporting your dairy service.

Video appointments

Video appointments are seamlessly integrated into the workflow. Schedule them from your calendar, or allow patients to book them online.

Available in multiple languages

English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian and Hungarian.

Free CRM

Organize your customer interactions and data in one overview – whether it's client appointment behavior, treatment records, signed forms, revenue, and more.

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Quinn - AI assistant

Work smarter, more productive and safe as ever with our AI assistant.

Smart notes with AI

The personal AI assistant built into Clinicminds! Utilizing advanced AI, we aim to enhance your productivity. AI voice dictation enables swift entry of information into your EMR through spoken notes. This ensures faster work and maintains comprehensive, compliant records. Watch demo

Designed for private clinics

Clinicminds supports the registration of a large variety of treatments provided by private clinics.

Aesthetic clinics

Surgical clinics

Laser clinics


Making the switch is easy

You can easily set up Clinicminds yourself. Whether you’re switching from paper to digital, or upgrading from your out-dated software, we’ll guide you through the process. Or we can even do the whole setup for you! Still having doubts? Take the test!

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Emma Davies - Horrington Clinic “I made the switch to Clinicminds and cannot fault the platform. In particular, zero crashes or glitches, a really user-friendly FAQ help option, which usually answers my questions, but more importantly (and all credit to them in this day and age) a very responsive and reliable chat option and even email if help is needed. Excellent customer care. The updates are always useful, and when I've had suggestions to make (rarely), to my surprise, my wishes have been granted. For me this platform does everything I need and without fault, which helps me operate more efficiently and more professionally.”
Barbara Rossi, founder - fi.clinic (London, UK) "‘When I started my own aesthetics business, I knew the process would be challenging, but I wanted to find a scheduling platform that would integrate the whole patient experience, without me needing to go from app to app! Clinicminds does all of this and more. It does everything from seamlessly booking an appointment, having a video consultation (if required), requesting appointment deposits, creating an easy paperless consultation process, and even lets me email my patients forms and aftercare! Everything is done on one app, and not to mention their friendly support team who are always quick to help! I can’t recommend Clinicminds enough if you are looking for one app for all your clinic needs."
Dr. Rachel Tunney - Dr. Tunney Aesthetics (Ringwood, UK) "I have now been using Clinicminds for a few weeks and love it. Definitely saving me time with all the automation options, and the online booking went live a few days ago too. The clinical notes are much easier to navigate than Pabau as well!"
H. Dobbie - Dr Victoria Clinic (Scotland) “Your medical questions pre-populating with historic answers that can be adjusted - is brilliant. That easily saves at least 5-10 minutes each consultation. That's the difference between an injectable treatment taking 20 minutes compared to 30 minutes. And that's a difference of between 199 to 320 pounds extra income an hour. Nothing to sneeze at.”
Joney de Souza - Aesthetic Clinic (UK): “After trying a number of different systems in the market, I can say I found the perfect solution for my clinic with Clinicminds. They cover all the steps of our clients’ journey, from booking, sending text reminders, appointment confirmations, consultations to payments. Plus I’m able to easily access all patients’ data from anywhere, at anytime. It’s also comforting to know that no personal patient data is ever recorded on my device, as it goes straight into a Cloud storage service. I would highly recommend Clinicminds anytime.”
E. Hoogstraten - Laurium Clinic: “Clinicminds is running beautifully. The combination of both an excellent patient administration and a CRM system is really great. You provide the very best support. We are truly amazed at how quick you always respond to all our questions. Your service is what every company should strive towards…and you can quote me on that!”
Elizabeth de Jong - Velvet Clinics: “The Clinicminds application includes everything we need to manage our clinic properly. It helps our physicians document and evaluate their patients more efficiently and it makes invoicing and scheduling appointments a lot easier for our administrators. Last but not least, because everything is digital we’re now practically a paperless clinic.”
Dr. Pascale Schools - Aureus Clinic: “Clinicminds has proven to be the best help for the management of my practice. The system keeps track of the financial administration, guides users to comply with regulation, collates treatments into categories, provides an overview of the number and type of treatments and patients, and is absolutely easy to use. It also has a very practical calendar management system. The team’s support is tremendous. They’re very accessible and accurate, even on weekends. I can recommend Clinicminds to everyone.”
M. Cremer - Cosmetic Clinics: “Our clinic is very happy with this CRM system, and as a clinic manager and business partner, I‘m particularly pleased with the reporting and analysis facilities that Clinicminds has to offer.”
W. Kamphof - Skinject: “Thanks to the electronic patient file application of Clinicminds my record keeping, and therefore my practice, are now optimized. It feels great knowing that everything is well documented and will be easy to review at any time, including the financial administration at the end of the year.”
Kelly Slawinski - Tinkable (UK): “I would definitely recommend this product. It’s a great tool to have. It looks professional and does the job well. It's great to be able to carry a device around, with an app that can do so much, and not have to rely on paperwork. Everything is compact and in one place.”
Maire Rhatigan - Orchard Cosmetic (UK): “I was a little concerned about buying this product because I thought that making it work for my clinic would be too complex and not worth the additional costs. Within days the entire staff knew how to operate Clinicminds and even though it took a few more days to appreciate all its benefits, we were all able to use it immediately for scheduling, record keeping and accounts management. The Clinicminds support team are the best. Their response time to queries is phenomenal.”
Sebastian Flynn - Doctor 1.618 (Ireland): “Clinicminds has been an excellent product for our clinic. The layout, features and ease of access make it intuitive and simple for anyone to use. Furthermore, the Clinicminds team are professional, punctual and always eager to answer any question you may have, and they do this in a courteous and efficient manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Clinicminds to any prospective company.”
Volkan Tanaydin, Plastic Surgeon - Betan Clinics (Netherlands): "I am delighted with Clinicminds. I cannot imagine a better application for private cosmetic clinics. It is convenient, handy, fast, secure, and everything is automatized. Their support is excellent. I always have my answer within 24 hours. Moreover, they offer real-time support with screen sharing if needed. Recently, they have introduced video consultation, and this works perfectly. All the notifications for my clients are automatized, so my no-show ratio is minimal, and my connection is secure and fast. I would definitely recommend every plastic surgeon, cosmetic physician, or everyone with a private practice to choose for Clinicminds. So without hesitation, 10 out of 10!"
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