10 tips to boost the share of online bookings over 50%

Author: Toby Makmel
  • Best practice

Ten best tips to grow online bookings from an average of 20% to over 50% of total bookings.

Having online booking availability on your website is essential these days. But driving visitors to click the online booking button and continuing to book an appointment is a process that can be improved to push up the percentage of online bookings.

We like to share our ten best tips to improve conversion and increase your online booking rate above 50% of total clinic bookings. Increasing the number of total online bookings is a big time and budget-saving transition, requiring less manual work to book patients. It’s also an improvement in the services as patients can book appointments whenever they want to also outside office hours.

  1. Create a prominent button with a clear message, leading to your online booking widget.
  2. Place this on a noticeable spot on your website. Don’t hesitate to position this button more notable than other contact buttons for a phone call or an online form. Test what works better for you, placement on the left, middle or right end side of your page.
  3. Make sure the button has the right color. The color should match your company colors, but at the same time, there’s much research done on colors of CTA (call-to-action) buttons. These colors can stand for trustworthiness, sincerity, creativity, friendliness, wealth, warmth, love, or even stimulate a reaction in the human brain.
  4. Maintain color consistency in booking button color! Don’t use different button colors throughout the website.
  5. Make sure this button is, at least, visible on your home page and the contact page. The button doesn’t have to be on top of your page but make sure it’s clearly visible.
  6. Give the button the right size, make sure it’s big enough for visibility and mobile-friendliness.
  7. Remove clutter around your CTA button and draw focus and attention to your booking button. In the end, we want to make sure patients click the button.
  8. Use direct booking links to the service in your scheduler from the different product or treatment pages on your website or even from your social media posts and campaigns. Improve conversions by catching them at the right moment!
  9. Simplify your online booking widget as much as possible. Make it bright and easy to walk through. Nobody likes a vast menu to choose from. It could confuse your patients.
  10. Use specialized online booking software that is responsive and mobile-friendly. Remember that over 80% of your website visitors arrive via their smartphone. The scheduler should integrate with the clinic calendar within your clinic management system and streamline the booking process.


There is not only one right way to execute. Therefore we advise you to implement these tips, measure the outcomes and adapt according to your findings. This way you’ll maximize your conversion for online bookings