Series of Unlocking Success: Treatment Types and Quarterly Trends


Quarterly analysis of treatment types and trends is essential for aesthetic clinics to effectively steer their strategic direction. Understanding patient preferences and seasonal influences helps clinics adapt to market demands, enhancing inventory management and marketing. These insights optimize operational efficiency and prioritize ethical patient care. This proactive approach is crucial for maintaining competitiveness and responsiveness in the healthcare industry.

The Imperative of Measuring Practitioner & Clinic Revenue Performance in Aesthetic Clinics


The aesthetic medicine field is always evolving, making it crucial for clinics to assess the performance of their practitioners and overall revenue. This series kicks off by examining the importance of analyzing key metrics such as average appointment value per practitioner, the link between working hours and revenue, and quarterly treatment trends. Join us to uncover practical insights and strategies that can elevate your clinic's success in a competitive landscape.

Revolutionizing Aesthetic Clinics: Key Marketing Strategies Inspired by Industry Leaders


In the highly competitive landscape of aesthetic clinics, finding a way to stand out from the crowd is undeniably crucial. Much of this differentiation boils down to an essential facet — marketing. Through innovative, engaging, and patient-centric marketing strategies, aesthetic clinics can carve a niche, establish their brand identity, and attract a loyal clientele.

New improvements and features


Our latest version of Clinicminds has been accepted with great enthusiasm. We thank our users for their warm feedback. We're following up on our previous posts and are happy to bring you more improvements and new features.

Hello AmSpa Members


We're delighted to have joined AmSpa as a Silver Vendor Affiliate, offering our patient management and EMR software to all AmSpa members.

Save Face partnership, member support


We want to ensure that the service we provide to our users aligns with their highest standards of practice possible. Therefore we have decided to partner with Save Face and support their members.

Clinicminds attending MEXS 2022 BeNeLux


Last week, we joined Merz Aesthetics at the fantastic 2022 Merz Expert Summit (MEXS2022 Benelux) event in Tilburg with a Clinicminds Booth.

Spring 2022 update 🙌


Even though it seemed quiet, we've been quite busy with a lot of under the hood development and preparations for future new features. We will publish more information about these new features as soon as they will be available. This update brings several new features and.....