4 simple steps to increase your clinic revenue in 2022 with Clinicminds

Author: Guy Makmel
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Clinicminds increases the overall efficiency of your clinic, which then goes to increase the total income of your workplace in general. Commit to these 4 simple steps with Clinicminds and see your revenue increase in 2022.

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1. Set up SMS and email treatment reminders

How often does it happen that the patients in your clinic forget to book a new appointment on time? Last-minute efforts at booking an appointment can cause a lot of inconvenience, either to your plans and schedule or to your patient’s expectations. However, with the classic, non-automated system, it is either that or tying up the time of your administrative team, or even worse, your medical practitioners, in sending reminders to the patients themselves. The time that can be put to much better use.

Clinicminds deals away with that by implementing streamlined SMS and email treatment reminders. By automating reminders, the software frees up the effectively wasted time of your personnel and optimizes the booking of treatments on time for your patients. In other words, less inconvenience and better organized time means more revenue for the clinic.

2. Connect Clinicminds with your email marketing tools

In the current era of the digital, a large portion of seemingly random and useless data can be used and converted to enhance the targeting of your marketing efforts. Shuffling through the information junk by hand or manually would be futile, but the Clinicminds software automatically gathers useful pieces of information to provide a clearer picture on the ideal target customer, communication habits, desired products and/or services and so on.

Customized campaigns can be the decisive factor in sales and marketing. Offering a pile of sand to a person standing in the middle of a desert makes little sense, but it can happen when you do not have the necessary information and go in the whole affair blindly. This is an extremely simplified example, of course, but connecting Clinicminds to your marketing tools will make sure that you have the information that will help your message go through.

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3. Introduce online payments and no-show fees

No-shows can be devastating to the efficiency of your clinic. When a no-show occurs, you have effectively lost the time that could have been dedicated to another patient. It boils down to a double loss. Suffice to say, no-shows should be avoided at all cost.

With Clinicminds, you can observe when a rising trend in no-shows occurs and introduce no-show fees in cases where a missed appointment happens more frequently or if the necessary procedures require large investments in money and resources. This will drastically reduce the number of no-shows and reduce the impact when no-shows do occur.

The added benefit of less no-shows is the increased efficiency of your schedule due to a significant decrease in wasted time. And, as mentioned earlier, more efficiency means more revenue!

4. Implement Clinicminds integrated waiting list

Finally, having an integrated waiting list provides both the patients and your schedule an opportunity to fill a suddenly-emptied slot. This gives a chance for the patients to obtain a more suitable time slot for the procedure all the while reducing the amount of your employees’ precious time lost in cases when a gap in the timetable does not get filled.

With Clinicminds, the waiting list is interlinked with the calendar, following through every change wherever it happens, without double entries or other potential errors. As a win-win situation for everyone, an integrated waiting list improves your patients’ experience, the productivity of your workplace, and, ultimately, the revenue of your clinic.

Final Thoughts

These 4 steps are simple enough yet tremendously effective when it comes to boosting the profitability of your practice. Want to find out more about the ways in which Clinicminds benefits your clinic? Send us a message