Cancellations and No Shows Learnings

Author: Toby Makmel
  • Best practice

Why You Should Be Tracking Cancellations and No Shows



Your diary service is scheduling appointments  every day. Unfortunately every clinic encounters appointment cancellations and even no shows (DNAs). So why is it important to track these?

Cancellations and especially no shows are a loss of revenue. When a CRM system is available, in which you’re able to track cancellations and no shows per individual client, you will be able to act accordingly. The diary service will be able to address clients on their ‘behaviour’. It is amazing to see how clients react on your precise knowledge of their appointment history. If it still would be desirable to schedule a client that repeatedly didn’t show up, you will be able to perform a double booking for example. This will decrease the chance of losing valuable time.

Finally whenever a client continuously shows the same behaviour, having an insight in the appointment history could lead to refuse future appointments.