Clinicminds partners with Merz Aesthetics Business Academy UK

Author: Toby Makmel
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Attending business academies has a vital role in catching up with the newest trends and technologies. Discussing the importance of aesthetic business building, sharing insights, and exchanging experiences in the industry has been the goal of Merz Aesthetics UK these past eight weeks, and Clinicminds is proud of our participation in the project.


Goals of MBA

The general goal of Merz Business Academy is to educate attendees and open the market to new ideas, thus furthering the development of aesthetic business as a whole. Last two years in particular have brought with them unique challenges, so the discussion was tied to re-opening, growing, and thriving in the current global situation.

Education has a leading role in the revitalization of the industry. Prospering in spite of the circumstances requires us to embrace innovative techniques and improvements and to think outside the box. To provide answers to these new challenges, MBA has gathered experts in the field with experience and some exciting solutions.

MBA Developments

During the course of eight weeks professionals from across Great Britain tackled various issues of the aesthetic industry, and in spite of the conference being held online due to the pandemic, it was a resounding success!

Some of the topics discussed included improving patient engagement and patient insights. Streamlining clinics’ dealing with patients with professional tips and cutting edge tools can significantly improve aesthetic businesses, as pointed out by Adam Haroun, Julie Woodman, and Veronica Reeds. The conclusions have decisively shown that patient engagement, insights, and proper medical records management have a profound impact on key segments of business improvement.

Non-medical aspects have often been overlooked with potentially devastating effects on clinics’ global efficiency. Attendees could learn about topics such as social media, branding, PR, analytics, and finances and their influence on the overall management from Victoria Chalmers, Eimear McManus, and Kristel Hectors. It was shown that, if these factors underperform or fail, otherwise successful medical reputation nonetheless devolves. On the other hand, optimal management of these aspects increases the value and reputation of clinics.

Toby Makmel, co-founder and medical advisor of Clinicminds, had the privilege of presenting the importance of utilizing a digital patient management system with an integrated EMR and its revolutionizing effect on the complete patient journey and experience. The process can start at the clinic’s website, with information providing and visitors-to-patients conversion. Online scheduling, online pre-payments, automated digital communication, and consistent treatment registration were discussed in the light of this patient journey and experience. The presentation tied in with the previous sessions on the importance of internal metrics, as it emphasized data collecting without which it would not be possible to extract reliable insights.


The results of MBA were immediate and extensive. From improving medical workflow and emphasizing brand building to evaluating the complete patient journey and forming longtime business strategy, the new ideas strongly resonated with attendees.

We are convinced in the value of Merz Business Academy’s insights and how they prepare clinics for the future. If you have the chance to participate in this academy, we strongly recommend doing so.

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