Clinicminds Release 5.4: Better, Faster, Stronger

Author: Guy Makmel
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In our relentless pursuit of enhancing user experience, we’re thrilled to introduce Clinicminds Release 5.4. This comprehensive update brings significant improvements to your planning, record management, patient interaction, messaging, gift card functionalities, and user interface. Dive in to discover how we’ve made our software better, faster, and stronger for your clinic management needs.

Planning & Calendar Enhancements

Welcome to the future of appointment management with our latest update. You now have the power to set appointment restrictions and controlling your appointment types (for example: consultations only in the morning), view patient details when approving online bookings, and jot down the internal reasons when rejecting an appointment. And, you can now see the cancellation date in appointment exports for better patient follow-up.

Record Management Updates

Our new version takes record management to the next level. With colored alert badges for specific answers, you can quickly identify critical information. Enjoy the flexibility of uploading custom drawing templates for treatments, and assign separate permissions for sign-in and sign-out checklists. Plus, you can now reopen records within 24 hours if you miss something important.

Patient Section Improvements

In the Patients section, we’ve made subscribing patients to your Mailchimp newsletter a breeze. Stay alert with our new feature that notifies you of missing crucial patient information, and manage draft patients more efficiently.

Messaging Capabilities Boost

Say goodbye to character limits and hello to variety! Our improved Messaging feature now lets you send email attachments, longer SMS messages, and SMS messages that contain emojis or characters from various languages.

Gift Cards Feature

Our gift cards feature now allows for a resend or download of a PDF gift card sold online, ensuring your customers always have access to their gift cards.

UI Improvements & Bug Fixes

We’ve rounded off our 5.4 release with several UI improvements and bug fixes, including the addition of phone numbers to staff profiles, enhanced button designs on the patient screen, modernized invoice styling, and ensured consistency of date format and currency in emails and invoices.

And lastly, remember, a doctor a day keeps the apples away. Or was it the other way around? Either way, let’s enjoy the newly released version 5.4 and have an apple-icious time managing our clinics!

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