Clinicminds Unveils Exciting New Features in Latest Update!

Author: Guy Makmel
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Hello, Clinicminds Community!

Exciting times 🎉🎉 because we are thrilled to unveil Release 5.5, a game-changer for medical professionals and clinics. This update is not just a step but a giant leap in enhancing patient management and clinic operations.

Dive into a world where every communication with your patients is meticulously tracked with our new Communication Log, experience a redefined approach to handling patient medical data, and discover a revolutionized staff planner designed for peak efficiency.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Release 5.5 is packed with features and improvements, meticulously crafted to streamline your workflow and elevate the quality of patient care. Get ready to transform your clinic’s day-to-day operations with Clinicminds 5.5!


Patient logs are now available!

Enhanced Patient Communication and Record Management

Ever had a ‘Did we send that email?’ moment? Worry no more! Our new communication log lets you track every email and SMS sent to patients. It’s like having a memory of an elephant digitally!

Appointment Jigsaw Puzzle, Solved!

Viewing patient profiles just got less of a treasure hunt. Now, medical forms and questionnaires snuggle right next to the appointment to which they belong. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to clarity!


Staff planner Evolved

List View: Because Scrolling is So Last Year

By popular demand (yes, we heard you), say hello to the (re)new(ed) list view in our planner. View everything that’s planned for a user in the past or future. It’s like having a time machine for your schedule.

Location, Location, Abbreviation!

For our multi-location maestros, we’ve added location abbreviations in the planner. Now, you won’t need to play the guessing game of ‘Where was that appointment again?’

Plan Ahead Like a Time Lord

Our month switcher now lets you leap all the way to December next year. Because sometimes, you need to plan as far ahead as a sci-fi movie plot.


Enhanced Calendar – Richer details

Log of actions, Sherlock Holmes Mode: Activated

Ever lost an appointment in the Bermuda Triangle of reschedules and cancellations? Our new action log is your detective hat, helping you find what vanished where.

Email Alerts: Because Surprises Aren’t Always Fun

When an appointment is canceled due to unpaid prepayments, you’ll now get an email. It’s like having a fortune-teller but for your calendar.

Swift Setup for Treatment Times

No more guessing games with appointment lengths. Set default durations for different treatments under the same category. Choose a treatment, and voila – the duration sets itself. It’s like your calendar’s got a mind of its own, only smarter.

Calendar Meets Bookable Services

Integrating bookable services into your calendar just got easier. Select a service, and the calendar aligns everything – from practitioner to room and equipment. It’s like a symphony, where every note (or appointment) is perfectly in tune, saving you time and sidestepping mistakes.


Next-Gen Online Scheduler

Call Me, Maybe? Now Definitely!

Phone call appointments can now be booked online. Because sometimes, you just need to hear a human voice.

Google Analytics and Meta Pixel: Nerdy but Nifty

We’ve upgraded our integrations to make your data cleaner than a hypochondriac’s hands. Understand your online visitors better without the data drama.


Anywhere-Anytime Video Calls 🎥

Anywhere, Anytime – Location Agnostic Appointments📍

Video appointments now don’t care where your staff is since it doesn’t matter for a video appointment whether the team is at a specific location during the meeting. We now show all availabilities– kind of like how cats don’t care about your personal space. Book away!

See Yourself Seeing Us

Patients can now see their own camera view during video appointments. It’s like having a mirror, but less ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’ and more ‘Yep, I’m still here.’


UI Magic & More

Date Confusion? Not Anymore

We’ve updated our date formats because the only thing we want our users to wonder about is how they ever managed without us.

Menu Makeover: Now with 100% More Intuitiveness

Our redesigned menu is so intuitive it practically reads your mind. Just think about where you want to go, and… well, you’ll still have to click, but you get the idea.

Addressing Bugs for a Smoother Experience

We’ve squashed bugs like a superhero team. From privacy hiccups to phantom treatments, we’ve tackled them all. Check out the complete list on our website for the nitty-gritty.


Gift Cards: Finders Keepers 🎁

Lost in the sea of gift cards? Our new search and filter functions are your lighthouse. Plus, with the purchase date/time display, you’re now a gift card wizard.


So, that’s our update in a nutshell – a huge, feature-packed nutshell. We’re committed to making Clinicminds more than just a tool; it will be your clinic’s trusted ally on its superhero journey. Now it’s your turn to take these features for a spin. Let us know your thoughts – we thrive on feedback like coffee on a Monday morning.


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