Clinics are going digital?

Author: Guy Makmel
  • Best practice

It’s 2020, it’s time we get our communication in order!

What’s a landline?

A staggering number of clinics only list a phone number for their contact information, yet many people loathe phone calls, especially pertaining to private topics. Making and receiving phone calls demands one’s full attention, interrupts what they’re doing, and takes far longer than a text or email! As a result, many people avoid using the phone in general, and many millenials refuse to make phone calls at all, a huge missed market if the phone is the only means of communication. Using Clinic Software can alleviate this problem by giving people a digital form of communication, as well as many other boons, such as easier scheduling, improved patient compliance, and data aggregation!


People are busy. This makes phone calls even less appealing than they already are. A patient wanting to make an appointment will have to find time in their busy day to call the clinic, a space where they can talk about private topics without fear or embarrassment, and work with the clinic to find a time and day that works! On the clinic’s side, the representative has to interrupt their workflow to answer the call, gather information about the patient, update the schedule, and inform the relevant people. Even if the representative is efficient and the call is brief, that’s at least 5 minutes of interrupted workflow countless times a day. Now, imagine the clinic instead used Clinicminds’ online scheduler. The patient doesn’t need to find time to make a call, just time to use their browser. They also don’t need the same level of privacy, unless someone is reading over their shoulder.. They simply navigate to the clinic’s website, pick a date and time, and submit their info. The representative gets a notification, waits until they’re at a good point to stop their work, and acts accordingly. A digital solution makes the process fast and easy for both the patient and the clinic, while reducing the awkwardness of talking about medical procedures with another human being, perish the thought.

Follow Through

Communication doesn’t end after an appointment is scheduled. Many clinics call the patient to confirm their appointment, and again a bit later, to remind the patient. Afterwards, a clinic may want to follow-up with their patient to ensure that the treatment plan is being followed, share any further relevant information, see if the patient has any more questions or concerns, and schedule any repeat appointments as needed as well as gather feedback!All of this can be handled automatically by Clinic Software. Rather than have someone call a patient 2 to 5 times, just for the examples outlined above, Clinicminds can help schedule the initial appointment and send out appointment confirmation requests and reminders. After the appointment, it can be used by the provider to communicate with the patient, via text, about their treatment plan in a manner that is more convenient and less obtrusive than a phone call. Using Clinicminds, a clinic can also share photos with the patient, send out reminders to book repeat appointments as needed, as well as surveys and feedback requests.

Digital Gold!

In 2020, data is immeasurably valuable. It can be used to identify potential patients, identify opportunities, and boost sales overall. It just so happens that clinics come across an immense amount of data. But manually recording data takes considerable time and effort, and the data collected may be erroneous or incomplete due to time constraints and human error. Clinicminds, however, aggregates this data automatically, storing it in an easy to access database in compliance with privacy requirements. It gathers everything from appointment behavior, treatment records, signed forms, revenue, and more, and presents it in one convenient overview.

The Whole Package

The use of Clinic Software is an immense boon to any medical clinic. It can streamline appointment scheduling and rescheduling, result in less time spent on the phone, access new markets who may be averse to non-digital communication, improve patient engagement and treatment plan compliance by making providers more accessible, improve access to patient information, and even boost sales from accessibility to market information. On top of being a top notch EMR, Clinicminds does all this in one convenient package.