December update to Clinicminds

Author: Guy Makmel
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New features:

  • Add multiple before pictures, immediate after-treatment pictures but also multiple pictures during inspection.
  • Add multiple locations in the clinic settings which makes you choose in which location a treatment will take place.
  • Added clinic location to email confirmations and reminders according to the location chosen during registering and appointment.
  • The name of the person registering a consultation, which means anamnesis and medical history is now also registered and stored.
  • We added a treatment history button in patient file overview as also during treatment for quick reference. This feature provides a quick view in the patients treatment history. Only users with the correct rights can watch this information.



  • When the reminder checkbox is checked, the system shows a reminder alert button next to the chosen treatment.
  • Cancelled appointments are now, like no-show’s, shown in the appointments overview providing a better overview of the clients behavior.
  • Historical data is only asked for the first time in a patients record.



  • Better saving of anamnesis tab.
  • When a second or third person edits an appointment this is also registered.

We alway appreciate your feedback. If you have any remarks or questions please email us at:

We hope you will enjoy our update!