Fall 2018 update

Author: Toby Makmel
  • Feature
  • updates

We hope we didn’t leave you waiting too long, as we decided to sneak in a post-summer list of updates for Clinicminds!

  • We added templates for text field questions in the medical state, surgical checklist, and operative reports.
    This way you’ll be filling in the same thing in the same order every time!

  • Product reminders & Low stock warning when your stock falls below a user-defined threshold.
    Don’t you hate it when you run out of skin-cream? We do too, so we made sure you’ll never run out again!

  • Added stock mutation logs.
    Because sometimes you just want to know who did what and when.

  • Added notes field to clients.
    You indicated you wanted to make some private notes on client pages occasionally, so we built that in for you

  • Added notes field to appointment cancellations.
    Because sometimes someone comes up with such a creative reason you just have to write it down.

  • Added user setting to control access to calendar feed.
    So you can control who sees what calendar, and what details can be accessed.

  • Added clinic settings to display additional info on prescriptions.
    Like AGB code for Dutch clinics, this way you can adhere to your country’s specific standards.

  • Added user name to ‘Sales journal entries’ and ‘Payment journal entries’ reports.
    For logging or bonus purposes. Or just for bragging rights!

  • Added separate user role permissions to view and edit stock.
    No, stock-sorting elf not included, get your own!

  • Improved menu structure and user role permissions.
    Those pesky menu’s kept creeping up to places they didn’t belong, now they’re sorted and labeled.

  • Added a clinic setting to control online booking notification emails (with or without client details).
    Assuming full control.

  • Added booking date to ‘Online Bookings’ report.
    Because that just makes sense.

  • Preferred doctor support with online booking.
    Your patient’s choice of preferred physician will be displayed in the online booking details. If they didn’t’ choose a preference you’ll get to select a physician for them to be booked with.


Stay tuned for insider tips! Because we’ll be highlighting these features in the coming weeks, going into further detail, teaching you how to unchain the power of Clinicminds.