How Satisfied Clients Make Your Best Clinic Ambassadors

Author: Guy Makmel
  • Marketing

Businesses tend to pay substantial amounts of money to various marketing agencies, often with little result and low return on investment. However, for small clinics, catering to clients may be the most viable marketing campaign. As people have now been long bombarded with incessant marketing, they have started tuning it out. It might be downright impossible to look around and not spot an ad, whether you are walking, driving, browsing your social media, or even resting at home–we just stopped giving them any attention. Today’s society is ad-weary.

Yet we still invest heavily into massive marketing outreaches such as those offered by Google and Facebook, without pausing to rethink our approach. Small businesses benefit the most from word of mouth and a recommendation coming from a satisfied client or patient can produce a far greater effect than any paid advertising can.

With the efficiency of paid advertisement at a historic low, word of mouth is cherished more than ever before. By refocusing their efforts towards customer satisfaction and improving quality of service, clinics can turn satisfied clients into the best marketing agents available.

Clinicminds’ focus on customer satisfaction

That conventional marketing efforts are too costly with proportionately low returns, we at Clinicminds have discovered at the very beginning ourselves. Being a small business, we have tried to rely on the marketing provided directly from our clients. This refocusing was by no means easy, though. The efforts included much more listening, observing, and paying attention to little details.

Paying for marketing services, while admittedly costly, is simpler, easier, and less work-intensive. Catering to patients, on the other hand, requires a different, more hands-on approach. But it pays off in the long run. Our striving for more efficient clinic management was thus eventually (and inevitably) coupled with giving patients much more attention.

Helping clinics prioritize customer satisfaction

Our software emphasizes patient-clinic relationships by providing clinics with the right tools for better communication and patient management. A vital aspect in improving customer satisfaction, aside from a good medical practice, of course, is letting patients know that the clinic cares from the get go.

The process starts immediately, from the initial contact by phone or booking an appointment online or via social media. Every point of contact between the clinic and the patient can be tailored to increase the overall patient experience. Pre-filling forms, mailing relevant documents, and providing confirmations and reminders for scheduled appointments can ease the overall process, and every quality of life change presents the clinic in a better light.

During the visit the clinic software produces treatment plans and summaries, as well as the relevant post-treatment information. Automating invoicing makes it quicker, smoother, and it eliminates the human error factor. This is done near-instantly, saving the time of all involved parties.

Even when the patient walks out of the clinic, the software keeps the channel open on the behalf of the clinic. Simply showing hospitality with “thank you for visiting” text messages is a small example that does not represent much on its own, but it can make a difference when it comes to the patient’s overall experience.

There are numerous instances like this that could not all be implemented without automation. Some are obvious, some almost invisible, but they paint a global picture of the clinic caring for patients, and that is the ultimate goal of the effort. At the end of the day, if the patient shares their experience with someone, it was successful.

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