Inform your patient’s GP with Clinicminds

Author: Guy Makmel
  • Feature

Registration and legislation regarding cosmetic treatments are becoming more and more comprehensive.

A growing number of inspectorates compel clinics that perform surgery to provide patients with a postoperative GP letter. This letter describes the procedure and postoperative results. For clinics performing surgery however small, it’s thus impertinent to be able to inform their patient’s GP of the treatments performed. To this end, we introduce our GP letter!

The “General Practitioners” letter is automatically generated at the end of a treatment. It allows you to quickly send the patient or their GP a secure copy of their GP letter. We have ensured the GP letter, which is sent by email, gets sent via a secure link that can only be opened by your patient’s GP or the patient themselves.

As always we strive to follow growing legislation closely. So Clinicminds can help you quickly adapt to the inspectorates growing expectations. Stay tuned for more news on exciting developments and blogs on best practices and exciting news from the medical aesthetics world.