Introducing important compliance feature

Author: Toby Makmel
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Update September 2014

During the past month our group of programmers spent a great amount of time on the renewing of our (operating) system. Actually we are reprogramming it and we hope to launch this update within this coming month.

In the meantime we didn’t stop developing our app and yesterday we pushed an update to Clinicminds. This update concerns the following:

1. As compliance is becoming a more and more important issue, we know that regulations are getting more complex and extensive. Talking to different governmental agencies provided us with the knowledge that keeping track of complications is an obligation (in principle every unexpected result of or reaction to a treatment has to be documented as one). Clinics that are (yearly) audited by these governmental agencies have to be able to provide a complete list of all registered complications, including information about the used product(s) and the registered LOT-number (unique product number). In this update we have created this complication registration with the ability to export a complete list of all registered complications in a specific period.

2. We updated the export function of the clinic’s clients, revenues and complications register. This means that the information can be exported in different formats, better supporting Microsoft excel, Numbers, google sheets etc. This exported data can be used for different purposes, for example research in client behavior and marketing purposes.

3. The export function now also supports specific formats, improving the import of data into applications like Mail Chimp (email marketing). We hope you will enjoy working with these new features and we are happy that we are able to improve compliancy for many clinics.

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Clinicminds team