Introducing Release 5.6
Elevating Clinic Management Efficiency

Author: Toby Makmel
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We are delighted to unveil Release 5.6 for Clinicminds, a series of robust enhancements and new features meticulously designed to streamline clinic operations, amplify patient engagement, and refine financial management.

V5.6 release cliicminds

These updates include significant introductions like the versatile Discount Codes feature, the innovative “Ready for Payment” button, Alert Badges, integrated newsletter subscription management, and precise purchase price registration.

Each innovation is crafted based on valuable community feedback, underscoring our dedication to enriching the user experience and operational efficacy in medical practices.

What’s New in Clinicminds?

🆕 Discount Codes: Amplify Your Promotional Efforts

Maximize your clinic’s promotional strategies with our new Discount Codes feature. Easily create and manage custom codes that offer fixed amounts or percentage-based discounts on treatments and products. With options to set code validity, applicability, and usage limits, these tools are designed to cater to your clinic’s unique marketing needs and enhance patient satisfaction.

discount codes

🆕 “Ready for Payment” Button: Streamline Your Billing Process

The “Ready for Payment” button is designed to streamline the transition from treatment completion to billing. This feature helps reduce administrative errors and wait times by locking treatment records once they are complete, clearly indicating they are ready for billing.

🆕 Integrated Newsletter Subscription Management

Directly manage newsletter subscriptions through Clinicminds, simplifying how you connect with your patients. This feature supports integration with MailChimp and allows you to manage subscription preferences efficiently within the app, enhancing your marketing communications.

🆕 Alert Badges: Immediate Notifications for Critical Health Insights

Enhance patient safety with our Alert Badges feature, which provides real-time notifications for urgent medical concerns identified through patient questionnaire responses. Configurable for both ‘Red’ and ‘Orange’ alerts, this tool ensures that critical health information is addressed promptly, optimizing clinical response and patient care.

Enhanced Features and Functionalities

Improved Patient Profile Alerts

Patient profiles now include alert badges that highlight potential health issues based on pre-appointment medical questionnaire answers. This feature prioritizes critical alerts, ensuring that the highest level of potential risk is immediately visible and actionable.

Enhanced Record Question Settings

Record questions settings screens now feature indicators for alert badges, making it easier to ensure that all medical questions are configured to utilize this powerful safety feature. This enhancement supports a high standard of care and maintains operational efficiency.

Accurate Inventory Management Through Purchase Price Registration

Register the purchase prices for products and treatments to enable more accurate stock value calculations. This critical feature supports effective inventory management and precise financial reporting.

Detailed Enhancements in PDF Outputs

We’ve improved the data included in PDF documents to enhance documentation clarity and compliance:

  • Invoices: Now show the patient’s national identification number.
  • Prescriptions: Include patient contact details like email and phone number.
  • Treatment Plans: Clearly display applicable taxes.


Streamlined Online Scheduler

Our online scheduler has received several updates to improve user experience:

  • Redesigned Selection Screen: Enhanced for better usability and aesthetics.
  • Automatic Time Selection: Automatically selects the time when only one slot is available, simplifying the booking process.
  • Improved Error Messaging: Includes clear instructions and a “back” button for errors like SMS verification failures due to incorrect phone numbers.


Zapier Integration for Patient Notes

Enhance the continuity of care with the ability to add notes to a patient’s profile directly through Zapier. This integration ensures all relevant information is centralized and accessible, streamlining administrative tasks.

Closing Thoughts

Release 5.6 reflects our ongoing commitment to leveraging technology to improve clinical workflows, patient interactions, and backend management. These updates are designed to streamline administrative processes and enhance the overall patient and provider experience. We are excited to see how these new features transform your daily operations and help your clinic achieve its business objectives.

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