Is automation the holy grail to decrease cancelled “lost” appointment?

Author: Guy Makmel
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How automation turns your cancelled appointments into $$$

Every clinic experiences CANCELLATIONS 😡. Too late or on time, it doesn’t matter, they are annoying. They create holes in the planning and, of course, cost you money. After all, you didn’t offer this spot to someone else.

Now, to say that cancellations can be eliminated for 100% in your clinic is like saying…..

The biggest problem with clients that cancelled their appointments is that some of them will never return to your clinic. In sales, we call them lost prospects or clients.

They cancel because they don’t have the time or do not feel they want the treatment at that moment. Months later, they potentially end up somewhere else. Why? Go figure out the human brain 🙃.

The good news

There is a way to decrease these lost clients and this is called automation. Clinicminds offers tools that can help you remind these lost souls to reschedule their appointment by sending them engaging emails, following up on their cancellation.

How to set this up?

What do you need to automate this process? Clinicminds, Zapier, and Mailchimp. Once this is set up, the system will check if there are future appointments scheduled; if not, it will trigger an email every few days during a period of time, (for example 14 days). The client will stop receiving emails immediately after making a new appointment or after the pre-set period of the campaign (e.g.14 days). These settings are fully adjustable.

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