It’s in the little things…

Author: Toby Makmel
  • Feature

Sometimes simple features can have a big impact on your work. This update brings three new features which enhance daily practice.

With the GDPR regulation coming up, we’re introducing the option to archive a patient record, deleting all treatment information (of course per specific request of the patient) but keeping important administrative documents.

Finally, as always we developed several under de hood enhancements and fixes.

New features

  • Send next day schedule to practitioners via e-mail.
  • Clients can be marked as ‘arrived’.
  • Client records can be archived.


Client arrived button


  • The calendar shows the week view by default for clinics with 1 doctor.
  • Appointments and online bookings can be deleted.
  • Recipient mobile phone number pseudonymized in SMS logs.
  • Various improvements regarding security and data protection.
  • User interface improvements to the calendar and appointments.



  • Fixed a bug that caused a blank page to appear after logging in with a passcode,
  • Fixed a bug that caused PDF exports for invoices to timeout.


Clinicminds Team