Innovative Collaboration Clinicminds and IBSA
during Pre-Launch of Profhilo® Structura

Author: Toby Makmel
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Clinicminds and IBSA Derma Kick Off Innovative Collaboration During Pre-Launch of Profhilo® Structura in The Netherlands

Select cosmetic clinics across The Netherlands to pioneer the new Profhilo® Structura treatment with enhanced data integration facilitated by Clinicminds.

April 24, 2024, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: In collaboration with IBSA Derma Netherlands, a forefront innovator in developing and producing cosmetic medicine devices, Clinicminds, a leader in cosmetic patient and clinic management software, is excited to announce a pilot during the pre-launch of Profhilo® Structura. Starting April 24th, this strategic collaboration will empower 10 selected cosmetic clinics throughout The Netherlands to offer this cutting-edge treatment, ensuring streamlined data collection and optimal patient outcomes through the sophisticated Clinicminds platform.

Overview of Profhilo® Structura and the Pre-Launch

Profhilo® Structura represents the latest advancement in skin and tissue bio-remodeling. It uses the patented NAHYCO® Hybrid Technology and is designed to address adipose tissue restoration and repositioning in a clinical setting. During this exclusive pre-launch phase, clinics will have the unique opportunity to administer Profhilo® Structura treatments and gather extensive data, including patient demographics, treatment indications, prior aesthetic procedures, administered treatment protocol, and detailed treatment outcomes. This data will critically inform further enhancements to the treatment’s efficacy and safety profiles.

Role and Benefits of Participating Clinics

During the pilot, Clinicminds will ensure that all (branded) necessary details (including customized questionnaires, consent forms, annotation templates, and post-treatment care instructions) required to record Profhilo® Structura treatments are seamlessly integrated into the systems of the participating clinics. This integration allows clinics to adhere to their daily workflows effortlessly while digitally capturing comprehensive treatment data. It allows clinicians to maintain focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks.

Traditionally managed via paper files, this digitization keeps the process paperless and enhances speed, efficiency, and thoroughness through advanced technology. While there are no direct financial incentives for participating clinics, being the first to offer Profhilo® Structura provides a distinct competitive advantage. Access to exclusive insights and digital promotional materials also empowers clinics in the cosmetic treatment landscape.

Data Management and Privacy

Clinicminds is committed to maintaining the highest patient privacy and data security standards. All collected data will be anonymized, exported by the clinics themselves, and securely transferred to IBSA Derma Netherlands, ensuring compliance with GDPR and HIPAA regulations. This process not only safeguards patient information but also streamlines the data collection process, making it hassle-free for clinic staff.

Expected Outcomes and Research Benefits

The primary objective of gathering data during this pre-launch is to assess the overall satisfaction rates of both physicians and patients, the safety of the treatments administered, and the likelihood of recommending Profhilo® Structura to others. This invaluable data will support IBSA Derma Netherlands in refining Profhilo® Structura’s market strategy and enhancing its formulation based on real-world clinical outcomes.

Support and Feedback Mechanisms

Clinicminds provides extensive support through dedicated channels to ensure clinics can fully leverage the new features without disruption. Feedback collected from these interactions will be crucial in continuously improving the integration capabilities and overall user experience, ensuring that clinics can maximize the benefits of this innovative collaboration.


This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the field of medical aesthetics by combining advanced treatment formulations with cutting-edge software solutions. Clinicminds and IBSA Derma Netherlands are proud to facilitate this pivotal pre-launch, which promises to enhance patient outcomes and operational efficiencies. Clinics interested in participating in future initiatives are encouraged to contact us for more information.

About Clinicminds

Clinicminds is an industry leader in developing comprehensive clinic- and patient-management software solutions tailored for cosmetic clinics and MedSpas. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that streamline practice and patient management, enhancing operational efficiency and patient engagement across various types of private clinics, including aesthetic, surgical, and laser clinics. The software supports features like AI-driven record-keeping with an assistant named “Quinn,” efficient online booking, video appointments, and robust compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA regulations.

By integrating patient and clinic management, data collection, and analysis functionalities, Clinicminds supports clinics in optimizing their daily operations and improving patient care. Clinicminds currently operates in 16 countries around the globe and offers the software in 8 different languages.

About IBSA Derma

IBSA Derma is a division of IBSA Farmaceutici, an Italian pharmaceutical company globally recognized for its specialization in producing hyaluronic acid and other pharmaceutical products. The company’s dermatological branch, IBSA Derma, is dedicated to enhancing aesthetic medicine and dermatology through innovative, science-based solutions that focus on the physiological needs of the skin. Their product range includes several well-known treatments such as Profhilo®, Aliaxin®, and Viscoderm®. IBSA Derma is committed to advancing the field of aesthetic medicine by conducting rigorous research and development.


Profhilo® STRUCTURA has already been extensively tested worldwide and approved by the European registration authorities. From mid-September, PROFHILO® STRUCTURA will be available in the Netherlands. As part of a very selective local evaluation period prior to the launch in September, selected clinics can offer exclusive and limited access to this new treatment starting April 24.

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