Latest update of impressive series

Author: Guy Makmel
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After introducing many new and improved features, we’re here to inform you about the latest improvements in Clinicminds. We’re thankful to read all the positive reactions to the latest updates and are happy to bring you even more!

Online scheduler

We have improved the loading performance of the online scheduler. It shows faster when people visit with a slower (mobile) connection! Performance is always a priority to us, and we realize that a fast experience improves your clinic’s conversion rates, so we keep improving this whenever we can.

Editable Header and Footer in Email

You can now edit the header and footer in a manual e-mail when you send one from a patient’s profile screen. For example, change the greeting or other details based on the situation.

Preview HTML in settings

We now show a live preview while editing your HTML e-mail template, so you can quickly see how your e-mails look when sent. It is still possible and recommended to also test your template in actual e-mail clients, for which you can send a test e-mail with one click.

Practitioner’s name on an invoice

There’s a new setting to show or hide the practitioner’s name on invoices. Previously the invoice would always show the practitioner’s name, but if you prefer not to include it on your treatment invoices, that is also possible.

Backdating medical records

We know some of our customers like to keep their records meticulously and even put in details from before starting to use Clinicminds. Therefore, it’s now possible to backdate records to earlier dates than 2013, which was previously the limit. You can now go back to the beginning of the millennium (2000).

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