Mailchimp 📨 & more…

Author: Toby Makmel
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After all the intense work in the past weeks preparing for the GDPR, we now bring you more exciting new updates. We often describe in our updates and articles that marketing is essential for all clinics, large and smaller. Making it easy to send bulk mail campaigns to your clients was one of our primary goals in the past few weeks. Therefore, we’re pleased to announce that from now we support a MailChimp connector in Clinicminds.

MailChimp sync feature

This feature syncs your subscribed client details with a (pre-created) MailChimp list. All clients which are subscribed by you from within Clinicminds, or via the online scheduler, will be synced to this MailChimp list. The great thing is that whenever the client unsubscribes to your mailings, this will be synced to Clinicminds as well.

Other updates to the application

‘Notes for client’ field to treatment plans

Treatment plans are great to provide your client with an overview of the treatment(s) discussed during the consultation. Creating a treatment plan lets you select which treatments you advise your client. However, sometimes you wish to add more information because, for example, the selected treatment name is not specific enough. That is why we added a notes field to a treatment plan. In this field, you can describe more details about the procedure, surgery or other important details or agreements you’ve discussed during the consultation.

Add products to treatment plans and quotes.

It’s now possible to add products to treatment plans and quotes. Think for example about products for pre-care or after-care like cremes, lotions and pressure clothing.

Product sales displayed in the treatment history pop up.

We added product sales to the treatment history pop-up to make it easier and faster to review.

online booking

Online Scheduler updates

New: Generate links for scheduling a specific service

As mentioned before, we spent much time to help you get your marketing up and running and improve conversions. Therefore we introduce a fantastic new feature called direct services links for scheduling (e.g., direct link to Chemical Peel appointments).

It’s now possible to generate links for your services and use these on your web pages. For example: let’s say you provide a treatment called ‘Chemical peels’. You’re also offering this service in your online scheduling tool. Now you can create a booking button to present on your Chemical Peel webpage. Whenever clients click this button, they will be redirected immediately to the online scheduler with the correct service already selected.

‘Back’ button

The online scheduler has now got a ‘back’ button at all stages of the process. When clients make a mistake or wish to change a prior selection they do not need to start all over again. Great!

Change location on the available time window

The selection of the treatment location (clinic location) is now editable in the available time window as well. A relatively small but significant addition, improving the client experience. When clients wish to see if they can attend an appointment at different dates or times at a different location they can now quickly switch.

Change mobile phone number

We made it possible to change the mobile phone number if this was entered incorrectly during the process.