Major new feature release 2018

Author: Toby Makmel
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Hi everyone,

Wow, have we been busy with feature development. But here we are and we are bringing you cool new features and enhancements.

As we normally do, this time we also have been listening to our customers and prospects and developed features that our users and future users really look for. This is such a significant update that we will be listing the features below.

Free online scheduler

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve added a state of the art online scheduler which can be integrated into your website. This will definitely increase the number of scheduled appointments, will unburden the diary service and decrease your monthly costs. Clients are now able to schedule appointments whenever they can and wherever they are.

But why is this online scheduler so different than others? First, as is in most online schedulers, it’s not required for users to create a username and password which most users tend to forget and experience difficulties when they return the next time to schedule an appointment. Less information is required, which makes scheduling faster and more convenient. Second, we use SMS messages to verify the client’s mobile number.

We developed four different ways to implement this online scheduler into a website. Click the following links to see different examples and try the online scheduling for yourself!

Scheduling rooms and equipment

We implemented support for rooms and equipment into the calendar. After reviewing several options which we didn’t like, for example, various separate calendar screens for rooms or equipment we developed a different solution. The issue with most available schedulers is that it’s often not possible to schedule in the regular calendar and at the same time review the availability of rooms or equipment. The new calendar shows rooms and equipment together with the regular time-based calendar of the physician.

Support for rooms & equipment into online scheduler

While we introduced online scheduling, we also integrated the ability to reserve rooms and equipment for online scheduled appointments. Simply attach rooms to specific consultations or treatments and the online schedule will take it into consideration when showing availability online.

Other new features

  • Merged location, user, equipment & room dropdown
  • Two-factor-authentication by using google authenticator
  • Added password change requirement for users.
  • Merge patient records option
  • Full-width screen view on pc


  • Multiple columns for different VAT percentages
  • Added IPv6 support
  • Technical, behind-the-screens enhancements
  • Extended user/physician name and details
  • Updated our TOU and processing agreement.



  • fixed some small bugs in the calendar which sometimes switched to the incorrect week on Sundays.
  • Corrected credit invoices which in some cases didn’t show the correct VAT amount.
  • Fixed a scroll issue with some pages after leaving a form field.
  • Correct handling of credit invoices on exported reports.
  • Fixed VAT amounts showing on invoices with a discount on the total treatment price instead on a specific product or treatment.
  • Fixed an issue with time selection during scheduling an appointment. In some cases, the selected treatment time jumped back to default when changing appointment details afterward.
  • Fixed an issue of selected referral when added by the service. In some cases, the selected referral disappeared after clients used the unique link to send their details.
  • Various behind-the-screen improvements
  • Calendar automatically refreshes after some time.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some treatments to not appear in the treatments export if one record contained multiple treatments.
  • Invoices and quotes are now numbered per location (1801XXXX for the first location, 1802XXXX for the second location, etc.).