Management reports and more features

Author: Toby Makmel
  • Feature

We added some new and highly requested features to Clinicminds! This update is all about getting management insights and by that we mean clear numbers and figures. Take a moment to read more about this update below.

Management reports

Managing your clinic based on actual facts and information is becoming essential. Numbers and figures can show how the internal operation functions and where you’re able to achieve improvements and grab opportunities to increase performance (in terms of efficiency, marketing and sales). To support efficient clinic management, we’ve added a large amount of ready-to-use reports, directly extractable from Clinicminds and available for analysis. The results can be used for optimizing management and of course for marketing purposes!

Additional SMS texting

Clinicminds now supports SMS text messages for appointment conformation (including the unique url), rescheduling and cancellations besides the SMS text message for appointment reminders introduced earlier. Research shows that more than 80 percent of SMS text messages are read within the first hour. This is a very effective way to prevent no shows and improves the overall customer experience.


You’re now able to set defaults for sending email, SMS text messages or both!

Edit email-template header

You’re now able to edit the email header and choose different formats (e.g. Dear Mr. Doe or Hi John).