More feature updates

Author: Toby Makmel
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We are pleased to announce that we’ve updated Clinicminds and are introducing new important features. Features that will assist you to comply with regulation but will also save you tons of time! Additionally we’ve made multiple enhancements and minor fixes.

New: treatment summary

Starting from today you’re able to send your patients a treatment summary directly after their treatment. It summarizes all the important information of the received treatment. This document serves to enhance and professionalize 24-hours care.

New: Post-treatment information

The second new feature we’ve introduced is sending post-treatment information. European regulation is stating that a physician/clinic is required to provide patients with information after receiving a treatment in order to inform them additionally. Patients should be able to review this post-treatment information.

Treatment history pop-up

We’ve updated the treatment history pop-up and added more valuable information to it. It allows you to immediately review which treatment was performed, the created drawing, prescriptions and see what amount was spent during the prior treatments.

Location filter

We added a location filter to the export clients feature. When having multiple treatment locations it could be useful or wished for to just reach out to clients that visited a certain location. For example with a mailing campaign. Now you’re able to export clients of one specific location.

WYSIWYG editor

We updated the WYSIWYG editor which is used for editing texts for forms, e-mail templates etc.