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Author: Toby Makmel
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Significant Clinicminds update January 2016

We’re excited to announce the new Clinicminds update, adding great new features. It took a lot of intense teamwork to develop and add these new features in a logical and natural way. We’re convinced that Clinicminds is now able to support even more clinics and their work methods. We thank our users around the world for their great feedback. We really appreciate it as it helps us to efficiently improve our product and develop just what our users need. Of course we’re still developing and exciting new features will follow in the coming weeks.

Packages, treatment proposals and quotes

To support more clinics which are performing and providing different type of treatments and in different ways we’ve added very important features. Think for example about laser clinics. We understand that these features seem very simple. But to incorporate them in a smart way and to make sure that these options are blended in our workflow as good as possible was quite a hassle. But the good news is… we succeeded!


Many clinics, like for example laser clinics, offer their treatments as a package. Think about for example a package of six treatments. To support this method we added a new feature which will invoice the complete package and will keep track of the remaining treatments. We created this feature while keeping a close eye on functionality and simplicity.

Of course other clinics are also able to use this feature. Clinics offering injectable treatments are able to offer for example a package of 3 botulinum toxin treatments. Clinics are also able to use this feature as a loyalty program. Think for example about 4 treatments for the price of 3 etc.

Treatment proposal

Consultations often lead to a treatment proposal. Patients regularly request a (printed) copy of this proposal to review after the consultation. Instead of using old fashion paper you’re now able to create this proposal in Clinicminds and send it with a push of a button as a PDF document.

Quotes for treatments

It’s not uncommon that patients request a quote regarding the proposed treatment. Patients often need time to rethink the proposed treatment.This update allows you to create and send the patient a quote (with or without a treatment proposal) as a PDF document. If the patient decides to proceed with the proposed treatment he/she is able to pay the quote by for example banktransfer or simply at your clinic. After payment the patient will receive the regular invoice.
This feature could be used for every treatment but could be especially functional for clinics performing out-patient treatments consisting of multiple components as well as for clinics who need to send a quote regarding larger surgery (e.g. face-lifts etc.).

Logo’s in email

Clinicminds now supports the use of your clinic logo at the end of every email that is being sent by the application. But the cool thing is that you’re able to use different logo’s for your forms and your email communication. This is a nice feature for marketing purposes.

ASA classification

You’re now able to register the patient’s ASA physical status classification before every performed treatment. In many regions this is a requirement. Some inspectorates yearly request a detailed list of the number of patients treated per ASA classification. That’s why we’ve added a new export function named ‘export treatments’. Every treatment is recorded and the amount of treatments per ASA classification is simply extractable.

Send informed consents for review

In some areas physicians are required to provide patients a printed informed consent (regarding their treatment) at least 24 or 48 hours prior to the planned treatment. It’s now possible to send an informed consent during consultation. This will be logged with a date and time stamp in the consultation record.