New features!

Author: Toby Makmel
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We’re excited to update you about some neat new features and enhancements we’ve been developing the past few weeks. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our trusted users for their feedback. We listened carefully and adopted some of the ideas. We appreciate it!

Besides that, we created new features to enhance your day-to-day work as well as management tasks.

Photos to consultation

Shoot and save photos to a consultation as well! These photos will be duplicated to the treatment whenever you duplicate the consultation.

Upload scanned files

Need to add a scanned document like an ID, a letter from a colleague or lab result? You’re now able to upload PDF or JPEG files to the patient overview window or to a specific record.

Export LOT-numbers

In case you need to perform a patient recall due to a problem with a specific product/LOT number, export all the LOT-numbers registered and find the patients you need to inform.

Improved Dashboard counters and filters

We improved the dashboard filters making it possible to quickly view the dashboard at other locations. Especially useful when activities take place at different locations. Besides that you’re now able to view your dashboard for the upcoming 6 days.
The counter shows you instantly how many appointments are scheduled for today.

Invoice window

We added new filters to the invoices window. It makes it much more usable and provides much more insights. Now you’re also able to easily track all open invoices and mark them as payed whenever you receive the payment.

Revenue report

New filters have been added to the revenue report giving you to ability to quickly see the total revenue of all locations and all physicians or each location and physician individually.

Export invoices

We added the client’s date of birth and, if applicable, the discount-amount provided to the exported invoices sheet. This provides additional info for managers/owners.

We hope you’ll enjoy these enhancements and new features. We will be coming soon with additional updates and important new features.

Clinicminds team.