New record types & surgical site infection registration

Author: Toby Makmel
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We released new features with this update.

New record types

‘Phone Call’  and ‘Message’ record type

In today’s aesthetic practices phone calls, e-mails and other messages over social media are very common to answer prospect or patient questions as well as for post procedure follow up. We understand it provides more insights to have these registered in clear and specific record types. That’s why we added new record types.

Scheduling phone call

Performing phone calls means the practitioner needs to reserve time and for both practitioner as well as for the patient it’s convenient to schedule this call. So additionally we added the option to schedule a ‘Phone Call’ appointment.

Surgical Site Infections

A specific complication is the post surgical infection which of course isn’t a new parameter. Probably this complication is now already being assessed on regular basis. But tightened regulation requires clinics and physicians to register this complication more specifically and to make sure they evaluate these over time.

We added the ability to register this specific complication. We also added the option to export a full report of all registered post surgical infections for managing purposes. With this feature compliance is improved even more again.

Clinicminds team