Online deposits are here!

Author: Toby Makmel
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online deposits

We’re excited to announce that charging deposits with online scheduled appointments is available as of today.

This trend, which is developing strongly in several countries, is now available in the primary Clinicminds subscription. Truly automated deposits that work in tandem with your calendar and online bookings are now available for your clinic.

To support this feature, Clinicminds partnered with Stripe, a leading payment service provider that gives you control over your finances.

You can charge a deposit as a no-show fee or even invoice the complete treatment upfront.

Some advantages of using online deposits are readily apparent:

  • Reducing no-shows.
  • Less last-minute cancellations (better conversion rates).
  • Pre-pay time-consuming treatments.
  • More committed patients.

If you recognize the advantages for your clinic, start setting up online deposits or chat with us for more information.