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Author: Guy Makmel
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Have you tried our online scheduler?

Hey again, and welcome to another blog. I’m Daniel, one of the Clinicminds experts, and today I’d like to take you through one of our most underrated features. To this day there’s still a taboo among practitioners about using an online scheduler. We’re going to be dispelling that taboo. In doing so we’ll show you some amazing features our online scheduler has to offer.

I’m scared of no-shows

First of all, please don’t worry, they’re more afraid of you then you are of them! All joking aside, no-shows are something everyone would like to avoid. They’re annoying, cost money and complicate your already complicated scheduling. Long story short, no-shows are a mess. There’s countless ways to help avoid them, and I’d like to let you know that online scheduling is one of them!

Through clever use of a few tools, we have found that our online scheduler dramatically decreases no-shows. Our online scheduler contains several reminders through email and sms that mitigate accidental no-shows dramatically. In addition, the online scheduler allows patients to cancel or change their appointment effortlessly from their phone. Meaning the well spirited double-bookers now have a way to open the slot back up for you, without having to go through the awkwardness of a call (which is what makes them not call in the first place). And if they simply move their appointment, you retain the booking, just for another date!

Long story short, if you’re scared of no-shows, online booking does the opposite of what you would expect: It increases bookings and decreases no-shows!

I want to maintain control of my agenda

Trust me, we all do. It’s a scary idea to give the control over your agenda to a machine! Luckily we thought of that. For starters we made the scheduler with Asimov’s three laws in mind 😉. Additionally and perhaps more importantly, our scheduler is smart! It tries to emulate your booking behavior, tries to book consecutive appointments so you don’t have gaps in your schedule and finally you can set it up so that you have to approve all online bookings. Meaning a human will always be doing the final check before a booking is finalized. If that doesn’t put your mind at ease, I don’t know what will!

I don’t see the added value of using an online scheduler

Most sales are made out of some level of impulse. There’s a few processes at work here that others explained far better than I ever can. From the fear of missing out to the value-proposition, most people who look to make an appointment with an aesthetic clinic have a moment where their desire to make that appointment is strongest. And this moment can strike when you can’t be at the phone— in the weekend or at night for example. Or this person might simply be phone-shy, whatever the reasons. Giving these people the option to easily book an appointment in your clinic will secure you consistent sales you wouldn’t have otherwise made. It saves you time and money. So why wouldn’t you want to add a scheduler to your website!

You should just try it

It’s super easy to add our online scheduler to your website. Just follow the instructions on our helpdesk or send us a chat message. We’re happy to help! Find out what lead to countless conversions for many clinics already, and see how adding an online scheduler can help a clinic like yours today.