Release of Clinicminds 2.0 !

Author: Toby Makmel
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After a few months of silence we are excited to announce a major release of Clinicminds version 2.0. The past months we worked very hard to redesign and add new features to our application.

We redesigned our complete interface into flat design (IOS8). But the biggest addition, which we are very proud of, is the release of a calendar and scheduling tool.

The new scheduling tool allows our customers to manage the clinic’s complete appointment scheduling, without leaving the Clinicminds application. It allows to schedule appointments based on available time slots for each physician in your clinic.

You can manage the team of physicians that work fulltime but also the part-timers (freelance).  For each physician you’re able to define which treatments he/she is allowed to perform, the working hours and the times off. This will reflect immediately in the (appointment) scheduling overview.

To maintain complete freedom we’ve added calendar feeds. These allow to view the clinic’s appointments on any device or calendar program, both for the whole clinic as well as for the individual user. It is possible to connect and view the clinic’s or your personal schedule on for example Microsoft outlook, Apple Calendar, Google calendar, iPhone or Android.