Send digital brochures

Author: Toby Makmel
  • Feature

We have been continuously in touch with our customers and prospects. Along the way, we acknowledged that there’s a need for sending (clinic) brochures or even manufacturer product brochures to patients.

Therefore we’re bringing an all-new feature: sending PDF brochures.

Let’s have a look at some examples we encountered during our fieldwork.

  1. A clinic performing facelifts consults its patients about their procedure. After consulting the patient, they would like to send the patient a leaflet which is specifically designed in the style of the clinic. This PDF leaflet describes the full procedure and process.
  2. A clinic performing all kinds of aesthetic treatments is interested in sending their patients the (manufacturer) product brochures of the fillers they’ve used during treatment.
  3. A clinic that consults patients for blepharoplasties, is interested in sending their patient information leaflets during the process of scheduling the procedure date. These leaflets describe e.g. what patients can expect and what they should prepare before the procedure (think of cool-packs etc).


Summarizing these examples, this feature offers clinics the possibility to send PDF leaflets during scheduling appointments, at the end of a consultation and after a treatment.

There are numerous situations in which it could be desirable to send self-made brochures or (manufacturer) product brochures to patients.