September Product Update

Author: Guy Makmel
  • Feature

Dear reader,

We’re excited to present you with another product update! This one focuses on some quality of life improvements that we’ve been wanting to add for a while:

  • We now display appointments with notes in the history popup This gives a more complete history of a patient in the history pop-up.
  • We added a note field for discounts on: Treatment packages, product sales and treatments. Additionally, this is reflected in the report as well. Which makes it easier to remember why you gave that discount in the first place.
  • We added a separate permission for deleting appointments. This gives you greater control over who can do what. Please check these permissions to see if they’re implemented correctly in your clinic! this is a requested feature and we’re happy to provide it to you!
  • We now allow clinics to change the newsletter checkbox text in the scheduler and patient details form. So you can give those boxes a personal touch.
  • We improved the number of records report which now has a practitioner filter, helping with things like commissions!
  • We improved the appointments report to show a booking date this way you know how recently something was booked and measure the impact of your marketing campaigns in a given time.
  • Added a permission to view your own revenue only again something that will help with commissions.
  • When switching locations, we now show an indication what location you’re currently logged in on. Our brains kept forgetting what location we just saw two seconds before clicking the button, we assumed some of you might be experiencing the same thing!

Thank you for choosing Clinicminds. We hope you have a wonderful week!

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