Spring 2022 update 🙌

Author: Toby Makmel
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Announcing our spring 2022 release v4.15

Even though it seemed quiet, we’ve been quite busy with a lot of under the hood development and preparations for future new features. We will publish more information about these new features as soon as they will be available.

This update brings several new features and enhancements which will improve the in-clinic daily work.

We added new features to the:

Online Scheduler

  • Direct booking URL for practitioners
  • Scheduling suggestions when a practitioner is unavailable
  • Show the first availability, for patients that can’t wait
  • Are you showing many services in your online scheduler? Patients can now simply search for the service they want
  • Location selection first, practitioner second. Need to swap? No problem!



  • Calendar blocks now show differently to distinguish them from non-bookable times in the calendar
  • Explicit warnings during the approval of online bookings
  • While approving, assign an online booked appointment to a different practitioner
  • Request a single online prepayment during the approval of an online booked appointment
  • Delete future working times when deleting a user, but no worries, we do not delete future appointments



  • Edit and view logs are available, ensure no unauthorized actions are performed
  • Fixed treatment category templates, to appear even when you already started typing
  • Add multiple lines of additional information on an invoice. We added extra support for GOÄ compliant invoices which is applicable for German clinics
  • More permissions than ever! We’ve separated the permissions for moving or backdating records and deleting records.


Patient communication

  • Several patient detail fields are now flexible to use and distinguish between clinic staff members and your patients themselves
  • Send attachments (with personal information) in a secured way with our manual email option
  • Patients will now receive brochures with a download button instead of regular email attachments to keep the emails smaller and faster to send and resolves issues where large brochures could be blocked due to their size



  • Send or resend ‘add to wallet’ confirmations (deposits) to patients if it was forgotten, or if the email didn’t come through



  • New prescription report, which you can use to review which medication was prescribed in a certain period
  • New treatment category filter in the retention report. Efficiently perform analytics or marketing on whole treatment categories at once
  • New permissions for bookkeeping to access financial exports with or without patient details. Useful if you give your bookkeeper or accountant direct access to your financial exports



We did a spring cleaning! But instead of throwing the trash out, we will be keeping it a bit longer 😊 Because from now, deleted patients, records, and appointments are held in the trash bin in Clinicminds for one month. Like you’re used to in, for example, email applications or your operating system.

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates.