Staying on top of legal, supplemental patient ID check

Author: Toby Makmel
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Several weeks ago in the Netherlands, there was a case of a cosmetic physician accidentally treating a customer below the age of consent. The person in question lied about her age. Even though the physician undoubtedly had no ill intentions the judge ruled against him. While most clinics do their due diligence, the judge’s decision on the matter means every clinic needs to check their customer’s ID at every single appointment.
Sounds tedious? Because it is, but it’s been regulation before the judge’s decision. This decision simply taught Dutch clinics this is a line that can no longer be skirted.

ID check

Clinicminds is dedicated to being a complete solution for your clinic. After the judge’s decision, we immediately set the wheels in motion to develop a feature to indicate in your patient’s file if the ID has been checked. It’s important the reception can do that for you too.  So once they check the ID on their end they can hit save and you as the doctor can be absolutely sure who you’re treating is actually who they say they are. And if an inspectorate comes knocking, you can show in your patient’s files that you’ve been consistent with checking ID because these verifications are logged.

Don’t let these things catch you off guard, let Clinicminds help you stay on top of legal.

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