The top 3 benefits of home signing

Author: Guy Makmel
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We’re proud to announce that Clinicminds is introducing home-signing consent forms to our clinic management software!

As of now, all clinics that run the Clinicminds management software can have the option to let their patients sign all consent forms from the comfort of their homes, in the waiting room via their phone, or in the consultation room right after their conversation with the medical expert.

This seemingly minor quality-of-life improvement can significantly impact the efficiency of your working place and positively affect the overall patient experience. It also boosts the transparency of your practice and shows users who opt for your clinic that they haven’t made the wrong choice.

Let’s go step by step and elaborate on some of the ways that home-signing consent forms improve your clinic.


The most obvious benefit of home-signing consent forms is a major boost in the overall efficiency of your workplace. First of all,it comes in a digital format, directly onto the screens of the patient’s device. This obviously means less papers in your clinic. However, less time gets spent on the whole bureaucracy process as patients complete the process outside their appointments.

Less papers, less time spent on papers, and less stress put on your admin team. The effort that your employees would have to spend on menial administrative chores can be reinvested into what really matters, and that is healthcare and the care that your patients deserve and receive. Neat!

Transparency & Compliance

Reading the consent forms at home and in the free time of the patient also plays a beneficial role in the transparency of your healthcare practice. What does this mean?

For one, patients do not have to sacrifice time from the appointment in order to read through the forms. We all feel under pressure when we have to sign something on the counter or during an appointment, as taking too much time might seem rude, while skipping through the text and just blindly signing something might cause a feeling of unease or worry about the “small print”

With home-signing consent forms, this is not the case as the patients are free to devote as much time to studying the forms as they want. The end result might not be any different, but the effect that proper handling of the matter can have is very positive.

Professionalism & User Experience

Ultimately, even if we disregard the concrete, material positive effects on the efficiency of your workplace, home-signing consent forms represent a huge boost in the way your clinic looks to any outsider and potential patient.

A clinic that applies advanced automation technology to as many aspects of their medical process projects an image of a professional institution that remains on the edge of the current medical trends, and thus way beyond the competition. As other clinics stick to old and ineffective methods, your home-signing service will stick out as a beacon. And no one should ever disregard the positive effects of appearing highly professional, right?

Finally, there is the user experience that we must factor into the equation. This is perhaps the most significant benefit of home-signing consent forms. What do you expect when you enter a medical facility? Mounds of paperworks, lots of bureaucracy and administration, and only a portion of your time spent at the clinic goes into the procedure itself. What a pleasant surprise when you can do some of those chores in the taxi, on the go! The less patient’s time you waste, the better the impression that your clinic gives. Patients will love you for caring for them, and this is priceless.

There is much to gain and nothing to lose with home-signing consent forms and we are proud of this feature getting incorporated into our software.

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