Treatment Summary Learnings

Author: Toby Makmel
  • Best practice

Why You Should Offer a Treatment Summary to Your Patients


Patients should receive written information and be adequately informed about the performed procedures. The provided information serves to enhance and professionalize after-care or in case of an incident. They could also serve as a reference for future treatments. Treatment summaries are essential for professional aesthetic healthcare.

The document should contain basic information such as the clinic details but also the treatment date, physician’s name, used materials, used amounts and registered lot numbers. Finally, it preferably should contains a copy of the drawing the physician created after the treatment.

Some clinics use partly blank pre-printed forms which the physician is able to fill in after a treatment. This meets the requirements but is time consuming for the physician. Furthermore, these leaflets should be repeatedly printed and organized. Other clinics use treatment passports which normally provide less information and limited space for the specific information.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to generate such a document automatically?
A sophisticated EMR (electronic medical record) which is used for record keeping is able to automatically generate such a treatment summary without any manual action. The summary is instantly converted into a PDF file and e-mailed to the patient.