Update Clinicminds January 2014

Author: Guy Makmel
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Dear Clinicminds user,

We want to inform you about a new update. We fixed, enhanced and added features to Clinicminds.
Let us tell you what we did:

New features:

  1. We added patient ID numbers, automatically assigned to every patient. This ID is also exported with all the export functions. In this way it is always possible to track the specific patient if necessary without showing privacy sensitive information.
  2. We added the practitioners name on the invoice as generated.
  3. We added the possibility to set the currency.
  4. We added a new feature called import clients. Using this feature new or existing clinics can upload  a pre-existing list of clients.
  5. We added a new list of invoices that also shows the invoices that stil have to be payed.
  6. Lastly we added new instructions if a user forgot his/her password.



  • the photo-thumbs are enhanced, now showing the center of the taken photo



  • We fixed an issue regarding uploading a logo


We hope you will enjoy these new and enhanced features.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@clinicminds.com

Clinicminds team