Update Clinicminds July 2014

Author: Guy Makmel
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After a short while of silence on our blog we’re back. But this doesn’t mean we were on hold. We worked hard to improve Clinicminds even more.

The improvements we’ve made are a combination of system enhancements and small changes on behalf of feedback coming from our users. This has made Clinicminds more flexible and more suitable for even more users. We are very grateful for your feedback, so keep sending us your ideas!

One of the most important enhancement we have made is tuning up the speed of our application. We can proudly say that at this moment Clinicminds is one of the fastest cloud-based, cross-platform, electronic patient file systems / CRM for aesthetic clinics. And we are very proud of that.

Besides this great news and the enhancements stated below, we are happy to inform you that we are working on a great planning and calendar tool !

Here is a short summary of some of the other enhancements we performed:

  • We changed our appointment filters on the dashboard to make it more logical.
  • In the appointment creation screen we added a new button called “save&copy”. This button saves the appointment details, subsequently sends an immediate e-mail confirmation to the patient and saves the appointment details to your clipboard making it very simple to just paste it into your calendar of choice.
  • In the appointment creation screen we changed the location picker to a dropdown instead of a complete list, since some users have multiple locations in use. This saves a lot of screenspace.
  • Whenever you perform a search for a patient by using the searchbar, the spinner will now stop spinning if there is no match found.
  • In the forms tab, you will easily see if a specific informed consent has been signed before and if so when this form was signed. If your clinic requires a patient to only sign a specific form once, you are now able to skip this step and continue to the treatment tab!
  • We added a menu item called ‘switch location’. A user is now able to switch location without the need of logging out first.
  • We added the reference information as a column to the export client CSV file.
  • Client e-mail addresses now do not have to be unique, so 2 members of the same family are able to use the same e-mail address.
  • In the patient details screen we added a dropdown  field called ‘Country’ as some patients live abroad.
  • When performing an invoice export as CSV file you are now able to specify all locations, a specific location and also by practitioner.
  • We changed the name of the ‘managers’ userrole into ‘Administrator’ as this is more common for users and new users.

Stay tuned as we will inform you more in the near future about the development of Clinicminds.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at support@clinicminds.com

Clinicminds Team.