Update release II Clinicminds

Author: Guy Makmel
  • Feature

As we continuously enhance our product we are very happy with the feedback we received and still receive regularly. Thanks a lot for that and please keep sending us your feedback! We updated Clinicminds recently. We added some functionality that is very interesting for clinics and the ‘traveling’ physician. Besides this we did some minor bugfixes.

New features:

  • We added location selection to the export invoices feature. Now you are able to export (as actual invoices and/or as CSV file) all the invoices or only the invoices of a specific location. This is very handy for sending a clear list of treatments to your ‘partners’ if you are a visiting physician.



  • We separated the patient-ID to a different column from the patients name in the export invoices feature (export as CSV). Whenever you need to send this list to e.g. your bookkeeper you are can simply delete the column with the patients name to preserve privacy. If needed you are always able to search for the right patient by using the patient-ID.



  • If you search for a patients name by using the searchbar and no match is found, the spinner will stop spinning as a sign that the search is finished.


Clinicminds Team