Updates February 2018

Author: Toby Makmel
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Hi there everyone,

Here we are again with news about some excellent updates and enhancements to Clinicminds.
We are so excited about these new updates! We are also delighted to see the enthusiasm regarding the newly introduced online scheduling tool. Our users are super pleased with this new, free to use, functionality and the possibilities that it brings.

Online booking features and enhancements

We’ve been working hard to make the online experience even better.
First, we have visually redesigned the first release of the online scheduling tool. The new look and feel provide an even better experience for the clinic’s website visitors.
Second, we really wanted to go that extra mile. To unburden the clinic’s diary service even more and service the clinic’s clients even better we are now introducing online appointment cancellation and rescheduling. Amazing!

online cancellation & rebooking
In the appointment confirmation e-mail, which a patient receives after booking an appointment, a cancellation/rescheduling button is available. This way the diary service is less bothered to cancel or reschedule appointments. It also reduces chances of now-shows and actually increases chances of rescheduling instead of canceling appointments.

Other new features

Search bars

We added new search bars to several administration sections like quotes, invoices, treatment material stock, and product stock. These make searching for the right invoice or inventory a lot easier.

Multi-selection and search feature

We added a multi-selection feature to diagnosis, treatments, and products in treatment records. Additionally, we added search bars in case of available long lists. This way it’s possible to search for the correct item quickly.

searchbar diagnosis

Daily email

It’s possible to receive the next day schedule daily via e-mail. It even contains a direct link to your Clinicminds calendar.

Direct link to appointments

E-mail notifications for online bookings/rebooking/cancellations now contain a direct link to the appointment in the calendar. Now review and approve online bookings very fast and easy.

E-mail notifications

Email notifications are now sent to clinics for all online bookings but also for cancellations or rebooking.

We broke out the Mecha-Bug-Swatter-90010 and squashed a whole bunch of bugs. Expect more better and less bad!

Other enhancements


When clinics work with consultants, they’re now able to provide permission to schedule appointments for consultants.


The calendar now remembers the last view which facilitates the views of clinics with one or two physicians.


We improved the loader within the app. It’s now a small blue bar at the top instead of in the center of the screen and thus less disturbing.


We dramatically improved the photo zooming within the browser (laptop/desktop) which makes positioning the picture’s for comparison even better.

Client matching

We improved client matching for online scheduled appointments.

Available online times

The algorithm for calculation of available times for online bookings is updated continuously.

Review appointment details

Details (notes etc.) of canceled appointments can now be reviewed.