How to use Clinic data to improve your marketing campaigns

Author: Toby Makmel
  • Best practice

To be successful, we all know that it is important to get our business noticed, preferably in a positive way. Therefore, we spend a lot of money advertising in order to get the attention of our target audience. With the help of an advertising agency you determine where you should spend your budget to reach your target audience.

You have to be really careful however, about the costs and benefits. Advertising agencies charge a lot of money to help you reach out to your target audience. To be profitable, you should be able to pay their bill out of the profits from the particular campaign that you hired them for.

So, you went ahead and took the advice of the advertising agency. That is nice! You put an ad in several magazines, perhaps added a coupon and voila, new customers arrive. Looks very easy and sometimes it is, but be sure to take good care of your customers. See to it that they become loyal customers! That’s the way to make your business grow.

If you have a clever way to save your data, you can easily use the clinic data of your existing patients for future marketing campaigns without using an expensive agency.

Every customer that visits you clinic, needs to provide you with a lot of personal information. All this information, such as their name, date of birth, address and the requested and undergone treatment, combined are the clinic data.

Without violating their privacy, you can put this data to good use for your marketing campaigns. It pays to invest your time and energy in this data for several marketing options.

  • By knowing where your patients live you are able to target your marketing campaigns. For instance through the local press, by sponsoring local events and digital marketing like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.
  • You know their age and gender, so you can customize the message that you send through the media.
  • By analyzing the treatments per patient you can create personalized marketing content. You know which treatments are popular and what treatments relate to those.
  • Keep in touch with your patients. For instance by sending them birthday wishes with a coupon.
  • Distinguish between high and low spenders and send different marketing content in order to trigger them best.
  • Upsell you treatments to existing patients.


Ones you are actively busy in putting your clinic data to work, you will see that there are a lot of possibilities using this data for your marketing campaigns. The only condition to do so is that the data is saved in a clever manner.