Working from a tablet is more relevant than ever

Author: Guy Makmel
  • Best practice

I can remember the time that doctors working from a tablet was a sci-fi fantasy you would see in shows like Star Trek. Futuristic looking tablets that carried whole information systems from the convenience of your palm. Today most common households have at least one tablet, be that used to track the weekly groceries, or in the five year old’s grubby orange juice covered hands.

Another place you will find tablets more and more often is in a professional setting, like a clinic. Stacks of paper, an old boxy computer and post-its is a thing of the past. A desk without clutter and a sleek looking tablet harmonizes with the clean and professional look of a modern clinic. It can help you achieve the experience intended for your clinic.

I felt like writing to you about this particular topic because Apple just had their most recent presentation. And the part that stuck with me is that there’s now a tablet for every clinic. From the cheaper basic iPad (now compatible with keyboard and pencil!) to the more expensive iPad Pro.

End of the day, I’m hoping to convince you to consider using a tablet in your clinic too. Especially in conjunction with Clinicminds it will help you save time and leave that impression you can be proud of. Want to learn more about the hardware we support with Clinicminds, and how switching over to the work-method Clinicminds enables? Get in touch via chat!