Latest update of impressive series


After introducing many new and improved features, we're here to inform you about the latest improvements in Clinicminds. We're thankful to read all the positive reactions to the latest updates and are happy to bring you even more!

New improvements and features


Our latest version of Clinicminds has been accepted with great enthusiasm. We thank our users for their warm feedback. We're following up on our previous posts and are happy to bring you more improvements and new features.

Smart search the waiting list


A new search field is available in the waiting list, allowing you to find patients on your waiting list based on information in the notes.

1 click record switcher


Introducing the new record switcher dropdown. It’s accessible from the record page header and helps to look back in a patient’s record to review or copy details earlier consultations or treatments.

Release 5.0 is out now!


We’re excited to announce that one of our most significant updates of the last couple of years has just been released. A big shout-out to the complete team for this huge accomplishment.Clinicminds app has undergone a complete overhaul or, even better said, a total metamorphosis! We redesigned the app and nearly every screen to provide an up-to-date and seamless working experience. But redesigning is not the only thing we did.

Introducing Quality Management Feature in Clinicminds


The driving goal of businesses today is to increase the efficiency of the workplace and the quality of the service provided. A system on a whole is as effective as its least effective part, so it is important to boost every segment of a clinic and develop protocols that will help with raising the standards of quality.

The top 3 benefits of home signing


As of now, all clinics that run the Clinicminds management software can have the option to let their patients sign all consent forms from the comfort of their homes, in the waiting room via their phone, or in the consultation room right after their conversation with the medical expert.

Happy Holidays Update 4.14


It’s that time of the year. Everyone is handing out gifts, so we thought, let’s build two nice to have great features that will smile at you. We hope you enjoyed Clinicminds in 2021. On behalf of our team, thank you for your trust and collaboration.

Autumn Update 4.13 – October 2021


An integrated waiting list is a major step towards a fully streamlined and automated clinic. Successfully implementing an integrated waiting list improves your clinic as a whole without having any potential drawbacks.