You’re wasting 20 minutes of your time every consultation!


Clinicminds can do so much to improve your day to day work-life. Saving you time, effort and money by automating processes that would normally take you a good chunk of time every consultation. From online scheduling to text-templates inside your case-history. Every facet of Clinicminds has been thought through to promote efficiency and a professional workflow.

3 ways to GROW your clinic


We’re back with another blog! This time we’re focusing on clinic growth. Other terms you might have heard are upscaling or expansion. Honestly, those words are a bit misleading sometimes, let me explain!

Automate your birthday wishes


Personalized birthday wishes are a happy and friendly way to brand your clinic. Read how to do this efficiently and almost without any effort.

Why save the best for last?


One of the things that surprise me the most in the aesthetic world is the sense for automation and the huge opportunity entrepreneurs and doctors are missing. So here is the thing I don’t get. We all know that client data is super important and valuable and still weseem to manage our data with excel or old fashion systems that are cumbersome to use.

Staying on top of legal, supplemental patient ID check


After a Dutch disciplinary judge ruled against a cosmetic physician because he was missing a logged ID check in a patient's record, we developed a feature to double check the ID and indicate in your patient’s file if the ID has been verified.

Free Integrated Online booking, Why It’s a Big Deal for Clinics


Recently we launched our second release of our online booking widget. When we started to make our plans to enable an online calendar within Clinicminds, we obviously looked at existing online scheduling systems as there are many different systems available online. Personally, I was convinced that we could find one that would fit perfectly and would be simple to integrate.

Tips for Registering New Patients


Registering new patients is a daily routine. But what vital information do you need from your patient in that initial visit and what must you know to make sure you are using that information correctly?

Four Reasons Your Clinical Practice Needs Specialist Customer Software


Whether you’re providing elective and aesthetic services, surgical procedures, laser treatments, or other private healthcare, you need specialized software to help build long term patient connections. This article describes why standard customer relationship software just won’t work for a clinical practice.

Explanation pricing Clinicminds


To make our pricing model even more clearer we created a cute little drawing :-) . As you can see you can add as many support staff members as you like without extra charge. We only charge for the amount of practitioners in your clinic.